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[Nettime-ro] call for applications: artists in context programme

artists in context programme
mobility programme to support the young creators from 18 to 25 on the
European art scene

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes launch the 6th artists in
context programme. Developed in the framework of the European Voluntary
Service, this mobility programme is created for young creators who invent
new forms of artistic expression in the relation to others. 

For this 6th edition the artists in context programme intends conjugating
artistic excellence and creative innovation by inviting the artists to
commit themselves in an ambitious project:
		•	in established institutions like the Compagnie
Songes, involved in the Dance Biennale of Lyon in France, or like Raumars in
Finland or the Hotel Mariakapel in the Netherlands;
		•	inside young art centres in Malta, Slovenia or
Slovakia, current drives of contemporary creation in their countries;
		•	in creation sites far from the usual circuits,
offering new fields of experience to discover.

In these unexpected locations where authentic human relations can be
experienced, the young artists are expected to find possible new forms of
artistic commitment. 

		17 young European artists for
		14 creation sites in 
		10 European countries

propositions open to all fields of creative expression 
visual arts, multimedia, photography, sculpture, design, choreography,
video, performance, music, theatre, writing…

deadline for submission: December 7th 2005

information and application forms available on :www.art4eu.net 

Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes
BP 13
9/11, rue Paul Leplat
F 78164 Marly le Roi cedex
Tel :  +33 (0)1 39 17 11 00
Fax :  +33 (0)1 39 17 11 09
Email : pgaillard@art4eu.net
Site internet : www.art4eu.net
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