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       (Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange)

      The National Center for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB) is in danger.

      Please support the dance community in Romania with your mail to the
Minister of Culture.

      Dear colleagues and friends,

      The National Center for Dance in Bucharest (CNDB) is in danger.

      To tell a long story short, here are the facts:

      After several years of fighting, the Romanian independent dance scene
obtained last spring from the Ministry some spaces that were formerly used
by the Museum of Contemporary Art. A provisory directorship was mandated
officially by the Ministry to run the Center until the definitive director
would be nominated: Ion Tugearu as managing director and Mihai Mihalcea as
artistic advisor.

      The Center is proved to be very useful for all the companies. In spite
of the lack of proper installation (no wooden floor, no furniture), many
companies rehearsed and showed their work there in the past months. It?s the
only place where contemporary dance can be presented in Romania.

      An open call for the nomination of a director was published in the
press on October 7th and on the Ministry website on October 10 with October
26 as a deadline.

      Only Cosmin Manolescu and Mihai Mihalcea applied, who are both highly
qualified for this position.

      They were appointed to present their respective project in front of
the Jury on Monday, November 7.

      On Thursday November 3, they heard indirectly that the jury meeting
was cancelled. They also heard that some unclear man?uvres regarding the
selection of the members of the jury did happen.

      Moreover, the Minister claims that « the community asked for a change
of regulation of CNDB ».

      In fact, all the independent scene is supporting the two candidates.
So what « community » is he talking of ? What has to be changed in the
regulation all of a sudden one day before the competition ?

      Now the responsible Minister ? Adrian Iorgulescu ? promised to hold a
new competition on 12th December. There is no information about the jury
members or how the two former applications of Mihai Mihalcea and Cosmin
Manolescu will be treated.

      The Romanian press stands by the 22 dancers and choreographers who
sent an open letter to criticize the last decisions by the Ministry.

      We ask you to support the young contemporary dance scene!
      Please find the text and e-mail and fax addresses of the Romanian
Ministry below.

      IDEE (Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange)

      Breitegasse 3, A-1070 Wien


      Centre national de la danse
      Maison des compagnies et des spectacles
      Claire Verlet
      1, rue de Hugo, F- 93507 Patin cédex, France

      Dansens Hus Stockholm
      Kenneth Kvarnström

      Wallingatan 21, 111 24 Stockholm, Sweden


      Dansens Hus Oslo
      Karene Lyngholm

      Nordehovgaten 11, 0654 Oslo, Norway


      Institute for Choreography and Dance
      Mary Brady

      Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork, Ireland


      The Place
      John Ashford

      17 Duke?s Road, London WC1H 9PY, Great Britain


      tanzhaus nrw

      Bertram Müller

      Erkrather Straße 30, D-40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

      Tanzquartier Wien
      Sigrid Gareis, Ulrike Lintschinger

      Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna, Austria


      In order to support the dance community in Romania and to give an
international sign that we don't agree with the taken decisions, we want
encourage you to send the following text (in blue) to the following e-mail
and fax addresses (please do both, fax and e-mail) at the Ministry of
Culture of Romania:

      Adrian IORGULESCU
      Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs
      Contact Minister's Cabinet
      Corina TRANDAFIR
      + 40 21 22 34 951

      Ana-Maria COZMA, assistant

      Adriana TEACA, assistant

      Ioan ONISEI - State Secretary
      + 40 21 22 28 291

      Delia MUCICA - Secretary General
      + 40 21 22 28 320

      Dear Minister of Culture Adrian Iorgulescu,
      dear cultural representatives of Romania!

      We are very much concerned to hear that the competition for the
position of the

      Director of the National Centre of Dance Bucharest (CNDB) has been

      and that some jury members have been replaced.
      The international partners ? dance houses, festivals, artists and
press ? are interested

      to get with the newly founded dance house in Bucharest a strong
partner in expanding Europe. We observed the developments during the last
years at CNDB and appreciated very much the work and engagement of the
artistic team.

      We are afraid that the latest developments instable the prospering
contemporary dance/performance in Romania.

      Therefore we ask the Ministry to reconsider the procedure and last

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