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[Nettime-ro] Fw: [spectre] Call for proposals by VideoChannel

relaunches  a suit of calls for videos

1. theme: gender identity
2. theme: identity of colour
3. theme: totalitarism
1. call for videos on theme "gender identity
deadline 31 December 2005
In a times when the traditional role of being "male" and "female" in society
has lost its meaning, a male expresses his female, and a female her male components of
their personality, when sexuality is not reduced to being straight or gay,
but countless mixed forms of human existance can be lived,
defining oneself in a gender specific context may become
an essential question.
The call is inviting artists to reflect their own or the subject of male, female, gay,
lesbian, transgender etc identity via the medium of video.

Details and entry form can be found on
NetEX - internal announcements

2. call for videos on the theme "identity of colour"
deadline 31 December 2005
The theme is going down to the essential role and influence of colour
on any part of human life. The strong symbolism of the colours expresses itself
in language and art, the signal effect of colour is used in advertiosing and design,
colour take psychological influence on the unconsciousness, perception and emotion.
What would be the world without colour? So what is the identity of colour?

Details and entry form can be found on
NetEX - internal announcements

3. call for videos on the theme "totalitarism"
deadline 31 December 2005
As a part of the global networking project [R][R][F]2005--->XP,
the view on "totalitarism" may be historically related as well as reflecting
"totalitarian" structures nowadays.
And while looking closer, one will recognize that traces of totalitarism can be found
anywhere in society, politics and culture and everybody's life.
But totalitarism can only exist if people let it happen actively or passively.

Details and entry form can be found on
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