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[Nettime-ro] show in Belgrad


Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade 5.2. – 20.3.2005 
Tennis Palace Art Museum, Helsinki 22.4. – 6.6.2005
Curators: Mika Hannula & Branislav Dimitrijević
Art Cup
Matei Bejenaru
Albert Braun
Phil Collins
AK Dolven
Archi Galentz
Mads Gamdrup
Vlatka Horvat
Jitte Hoy
Sinisa Ilic
Karsten Konrad
Jukka Korkeila
Fanni Niemmi-Junkola
Vladimir Nikolic
Serkan Ozkaya and Ahmet Ogut
Vesna Pavlovic
Anri Sala
Annika Strom

Opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade:
Saturday, February 5, 2005 at 1pm

Opening address: 
Ms. Anna-Maija Korpi, Ambassador of Finland in Belgrade

Press Conference: Saturday, February 5, at 12h.


ART CUP: Football match between teams of Scottish and 
Serbian artists. 
The match will be held at the Partizan Rowing Club, 
Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade, 
on Friday, February 4, at 6 pm.  

NORDIC WALKING: Project by FinnFemFel, streets of 
central Belgrade 
and Ušće, February 4.

The SITUATED SELF exhibition focuses on the need and 
necessity to locate and situate ourselves within the 
world at large. It is about how we deal and confront 
our everyday realities, all those sites and 
situations, along with issues that simultaneously burn 
and heal. The intention is to focus on artistic 
strategies how this being-in-the-world is negotiated 
and conducted in the context of contemporary art, 
where it appears in different forms and media, from 
wall paintings to football matches, from sculpted 
monuments of impish jokes to photographs of 
slapped “art professionals”.

The SITUATED SELF exhibition addresses and reflects 
the attitudes and values that are necessary for any 
kind of a genuine, serious interaction. It is about 
how first to begin and then maintain an ongoing 
process that is called a dialogue. An activity that is 
founded on the ability and willingness to confront 
different views, values and fears. In other words, in 
this show, our focus is on the incredibly demanding 
task of giving ourselves and others the emotional 
opportunity to simultaneously breathe in and out. It 
is about relationships, collisions and comforts. It is 
about being-with.

The SITUATED SELF exhibition deals with the ambiguous 
notion of empathy, and in general with the awareness 
that nobody in this world is a complete outsider but 
always participant in complex, conflicting and often 
painful reality defined by the social, political, 
historical, economical and psychological framework and 
background. Here we deal with the concept 
of “participant observation”, which “encompasses a 
relay between an empathetic engagement with a 
particular situation and/or event (experience) and the 
assessment of its meaning and significance within a 
broader context (interpretation)”. The exhibited works 
and projects tell about the issues involved in our 
general inclination to share the world from the 
position we find ourselves in, or in which we tend to 
situate ourselves. They are about notions as unrelated 
or conflictual as empathy and laughter, cynicism and 
naiveté, observation and interpretation, hard facts 
and flexible idiosyncrasies, and just a little bit 
about Socialism and football. 

The background to SITUATED SELF is a large-scale 
collaborative project, carried out during 2003-2005 
between the Nordic and West-Balkan regions, and called 
Norden–Balkan–Culture–Switch (see: 
The main contemporary art project has been a four-part 
series of workshops called SPEAK UP, held successively 
in Belgrade in October 2003, in Malmoe in May 2004, in 
Zagreb in October 2004 and in Helsinki in May 2005, 
and with participants from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, 
Norway, Sweden, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, 
Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia & Montenegro.
The project was made possible by the generous support 
of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and it was also 
supported by: FRAME; IASPIS; DCA; Swedish Arts Council 
in Finland; Arts Council of Finland; British Council; 
and Goethe Institute, Belgrade.


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