Felix Petrescu on Fri, 7 May 2004 12:04:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] cantece noi (free) la One

One e un label (muzica) pe net
Care exista si cu participare romaneasca.
De aia va supun atentiei ultimele 3 releasuri:

[one08] - colophon - random acts of violence 
Merging the often divided worlds of electronic music and post-rock, Colophon
has created an inspiring ep. A soundtrack to daily life, love sick blues, or
an attempt to understand what's going on in the world.. whatever the
underlying energy, it isn't easily ignored. Almost deserving poetry rather
than description. more... 

[one07] - breitbannt ft. r. pries - lost 
the legend continues? The latest from Breitbannt of the Schleudertrauma camp
features Ronny Pries (aka ronny priest, rp, rktic). four tracks running 28
minutes of quality minimal techno. His multiple works on several labels,
netlabels, and the demoscene in our eyes slots him as one of the internets
dominate forces of minimal techno. more... 

[one06] - mizati - conocer 

Mizati came along as a surprise treat, earlier managing to slip under many
of our radars. like most of Mizati's music, these tracks are part of a live
recording session and the inspiration of the moment shines through. From the
opening track 'caballo' to the closing 'sediento' Mizati explores a range of
styles, but manages to keep it all together. 

#7 and #8 are covered by me. 


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