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[Nettime-ro] Symposium for Theater Directors in Prague - May 22-24, 2004

       Symposium for Theater Directors in Prague - May 22-24, 2004 
        partnership: Four Days in Motion Festival 
        State of the project: Future 
        Started: 2004    Deadline: 2004 
        Stage in Motion Symposium: Task of a Theatre Festival Today (Theme is the Theme) 
        May 22 - 24, 2004 (Saturday - Monday) 
        Prague, Czech Republic during the Four Days in Motion International Theatre Festival 
        Over the course of three days artistic directors of theatre festivals and other important theatre administrators 
        will gather in Prague to discuss the questions and problems of artistic direction and dramaturgy of theatre 
        festivals today and will have a possibility to present their festivals to the Czech public. 
        The event will consist of a number of different actions (workshops, presentations, conference etc.). The 
        program of event will include: 
        . Presentations of individual international theatre festivals 
        . Discussion on state of contemporary theatre festival artistic directions, with the presence of artists, 
        producers and journalists, 
        . Public debate of Czech artistic directors of theatre festivals on problems occurring in the Czech Republic, 
        . Workshops for Czech independent artists on how to prepare the presentational material, 
        . Lecture by Hidenaga Otori - artistic director of Laokon Festival Hamburg "Task of a Critic in a Festival" 
        . Lecture by Lois Keiden on dramaturgy of live art projects 
        A special program of the latest and best Czech theatre performances (including festival performances and 
        other performances in Prague) is arranged as an accompanying program. The foreign festival directors will 
        have access to annotations of the shows, "special request program" and a team of experts to accompany 
        The event is co organized by The Four Days Association, Theatre Institute Prague and Svet a divadlo - 
        theatre magazine. 
        If you are interested in taking part in the event please contact us before March 01, 2004 at: Sodja Zupanc 
        Lotker, Theatre Institute Prague, Celetna 17, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic, e-mail, phone: +420 224 809 176. 
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