alina serban on Mon, 2 Feb 2004 09:07:49 +0100 (CET)

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Un proiect la care puteti contribui prin vot.
Este trimis de Wouter Vanstiphout, member of Crimson Architectural Historians in Rotterdam, prezent la simpozionul Sufocarea- Traind arhitectura in vremuri de tranzitie, CIAC, 13 decembrie 2003

Hi Alina,

Do you want to take part in some local democracy? For our project De 
Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet, the one I showed at the end of my lecture in 
the Bucharest some weeks ago, a popular referendum is being held in 
Rotterdam. If it gets enough votes by internet, its chances of getting 
extra support from the city are much greater. It doesn't matter where 
the votes come from. So if you go to, on the first page 
you will see a picture with underneath : Stem op de heerlijkheid, then 
you click on the little button with number 7, this will take you to the 
city website. On the topline are a number of buttons, click on 
'stemmen'. Then click on the button in before 'heerlijkheid hoogvliet', 
go to the bottom and click 'stem'. Then you will have voted and have 
contributed greatly to the realization of the park and partyhall of the 
Heerlijkheid, designed by FAT from London in collaboration with us, and 
used by the people of Hoogvliet to build themselves a cultural life and 
a sparkling monument that might change the way this rather sad 
modernist suburb is being percieved.

Of course we would be enormously gratefull, if you would forward this 
message to your network, with your endorsement. The votes need to be 
cast next week before friday and every single one counts.



by the way I've added the banner, maybe there is a website you can use 
it on

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