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[Nettime-ro] Fw: VIDEO ART from the South East Europe - Call for Submissions

 Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Milan Atanaskovic, Vice-president and Editor in Chief of a satellite TV channel for countries of South East Europe ("SEE TV Channel"). We are pleased to present the basic information on our project and invite you to take active and constituent part in it. 


SEE Channel is currently inviting all video artists from the SEE region (or the SEE artists living and working elsewhere) to submit their video material to the SEE Channel Office in Belgrade in order to make the South East European broadcasting video-art database. The program is intended to have an open international character and to be European oriented. The basis of the program during the experimental broadcasting will be focused on the cultural diversity of the region. The main slogan will be "Do you SEE me?" which is a pun on both the official geographical name of the region  (SEE = South East Europe) and the conditions of the view, based on the possibility of mutual communication and comprehension.


We would be grateful if you could help us fulfill this mission which would enrich and benefit both the regional art network and the global image of the countries of the South East Europe. Preference is given to video works coming originally from the artists living in countries of the SEE region. Special attention will be given to works displaying contemporary visual aspects, as well as to non-commercial works. Short films, documentaries, video art, video clips, and musical programs / concerts will be a part of the scheme during the experimental stage. The materials selected would be transmitted and repeated (at least 10 times) on SEE TV. We should be absolved from any royalty payment for broadcasting and permit the programs to be shown on local TV networks in our region, should such a need arise. A showcase of video art works is destined to give greater incentive and effective support to video artists, in terms of their regional and intercontinental promotion, and to develop a broad showcase, in terms of genres and countries of origin, of the potential and achievements of contemporary video works, and in the affirmation of the new SEE video art network as well.


You are hereby kindly invited to send us Romanian video works from your collection, preferably in the high-quality video formats (BETA SP, DVD, DV etc.; the VHS copies will be accepted only in case no other format can be provided by an artist), containing the following data: the name of the author, biography, original title, English title, duration, language, year of production, short description (the concept of the work), and the authorization permit included. All the material should be with original sound.


For first selection, works must be sent until 1 December  2003, together with the correctly filled data, to the following address:


Milan Atanaskovic / SEE TV 

Kneza Milosa 64 

11000 Beograd

Serbia & Montenegro


Please confirm your participation as soon as possible.

For any further information please contact:

Milan Atanaskovic 



I look forward to hearing from you and I am grateful for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,


Marko Stamenkovic 


SEE Channel Coordinator


Serbia and Montenegro





27, rue de l'Ancienne Mairie
92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France
Phone +33 1 46051568


SEE TV Channel is the first joint TV channel of the South East European countries: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Association SEE Channel has been registered in Paris, where our operational secretariat is to be based. The project is also getting international support as many TV stations, institutions and individuals have expressed their desire to support and help us start this venture. We consider their support and understanding as a positive step towards success, which would make the countries of the region get closer to each other and surpass the whole range of misunderstandings provoked by different ideological and political reasons from the past. 

An experimental broadcasting would start on satellite W2, two weeks from now, using the capacities of our strategic partners EUTELSAT from Paris and "Interactive Technologies" from Sofia, and will cover not only the whole territory of Europe, but also the large parts of the Middle East, North Africa and the Eastern Coast of North America. The experimental phase will last 100 days.


A visual and content identity of our new TV channel will be based specifically on visual forms of expression, thus avoiding the communicative obstacles among 11 nations living in the region. We are aware of the fact that the emergence of video in the SEE region was related to the generation of conceptual video artists, who, with their iconoclastic gestures, media pluralism and radical and transformative criticism of the existing state in the society, met with the inherent resistance of the modernist puritans who dominated East European art and criticism at that time. 

Therefore SEE Channel stresses the importance of contemporary visual practises, and aims at promoting and diffusing video and the new visual and communication media as contemporary art forms of expression and presentation of all positive spheres of life in our region. For that reason, and also under the influence of the social and cultural trends of the era, we consider the function of video as part of a wide front of cultural unification and integration which combines forms of social and cultural reflectivity and diversity, advocating the application of concepts of creative solidarity and distribution of knowledge and information within the South East European region. 

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