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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Call for Submissions switch media (chaingmai)

> First Call for Submissions switch media_ art festival pathiharn electron
> [supernatural] - Chiang Mai, Thailand - 6th-30th April 2004
> switch media chiang mai is an independent, non-profit artists
> organization run by an international team with different backgrounds and
> skills in art, new media and project-management. switch media is guided
> friendly by an international advisory board. In cooperation with
> different partners switch media organizes a media art festival in Chiang
> Mai, Thailand with the title PATHIHARN ELECTRON [supernatural] from
> 6th-30th April 2004. The title developed from discussions regarding the
> approach to the use of new media (art) - as being different from a
> western one. pathiharn electron [supernatural] will evaluate this topic
> by asking questions: What is the difference between the visual-graphical
> languages of east/west in expressing "supernatural" as in movies,
> videos, animations, computer games? What is the difference between
> eastern/western cultures of spirituality/supernatural, its
> socio-cultural relevance and its expression in new media art? What is
> the difference of the socio-cultural impact of digital media (art)
> between east/west - is there a ghost in the machine?
> The festival will consist of lectures, workshops, video-/digital
> art-screenings and exhibitions. It will be mainly focused at the Chiang
> Mai University Art Museum but it will also be spread throughout the city
> - Chiang Mai "social space", internet cafes, night markets, night
> foodstalls, bars, shopping malls, rice fields. An international
> conference will close the festival.
> We hereby invite interested artists and theorists, organizations and
> institutions to participate in pathiharn electron [supernatural]. We
> especially invite the neighbouring region.
> switch media accepts any form of digital media art - which includes
> digital video, sound & music, computer based/generated works,
> online-experiments, software, games, asf. As the festival will happen
> throughout Chiang Mai we especially look for submissions which can be
> used in installations. Deadline for submissions: 15th January 2004. A
> team of curators will select the works. Selection results will be sent
> out by mail or email in February 2004. switch media will produce a
> documentation.
> All submissions should be send to:
> switch media chiang mai, c/o Chiang Mai University Art Museum,
> Nimanhemin Road, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.
> Submissions should include:
> 1) ID (name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone, fax) and
> short CV (max 300 words).
> 2) CD, VCD, DVD or video-tape of the actual work.
> 3) Technical requirements & data-format-specifications.
> 4) If the proposed piece is conceptual, please send a short
> description (max 500words).
> 5) If the proposed piece is an installation, please include a short
> description (max 300 words) & an illustration/sketch.
> 6) If the proposed piece is netbased, please send the URL.
> Please, don't send any material by email!
> Additional information about the festival pathiharn electron
> [supernatural] and the conference will be sent out later. For other
> information requests on switch media chiang mai or the unique
> opportunities pathiharn electron [supernatural] offers for partners,
> supporters, donators please contact switch media chiang mai by email
> switchmedia@inter.net, phone +66-53-944846 or +66-53-226461 or 
>  fax
> +66-53-226461.
> Enjoy!
> Ratchanok "Nok" Kateboonruang, management assistant, 
>  magnok@yahoo.com

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