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[Nettime-ro] Narration in Swedish Contemporary Art

Press release

Narration in Swedish Contemporary Art

October 23, 2003 - Januari 6, 2004 Norrköping Museum of Art

Dejan Antonijevic, Lars Arrhenius, Loulou Cherinet, Stefan
Constantinescu, Johan Thurfjell, Petra Lindholm, Cecilia Lundqvist, Tova
Mozard, Ylva Ogland, Jockum Nordström, Johannes Sjögren, Alexander
Vaindorf, Snezana Vucetic Bohm

Welcome to the press viewing Thursday October 23 at 2.00 p.m.

Norrköping Museum of Art and Riksutställningar (Swedish Travelling
Exhibitions) present Narration in Swedish Contemporary Art, an
exhibition that displays work by ten artists whose common denominator is
the telling of personal stories. Narration is an art that serves our
most basic need to pass on our experiences; it is also a tool that has
been experimented with in all artistic fields – such as literature,
music and film – as well as within art. All artists in the exhibition
work with various kinds of biographical stories, either based on fact,
fiction or a combination of the two. A strong interest in the culture
one originates from or other cultures is also present in the artworks.

The artist Loulou Cherinets piece is included in the exhibition only for
short moments at a time. At each opening of the tour of the exhibition,
Cherinet will put on a performance work titled Personal Politics where
five different TV monitors screen an equal number of Egyptian women.
Each describes their lives and ambitions during a nightly taxi journey
in either Cairo or Alexandria. Concurrent to the videos being shown five
men will simultaneously translate what the women are saying into
Swedish. Biological and cultural perspectives may well taint their
translations of the women’s stories.

For press pictures please visit or Printed matter: A brochure containing a short
presentation of the artists and their work will be available. The
brochure also includes an essay written by the artist Magnus Bärtås. The
brochure is in Swedish. Audioguide An audioguide in Swedish will be
available to give guided tours of the exhibition. The audioguide takes
on the theme of the exhibition through presenting three individuals
highly personal takes on the exhibition: artist Catti Brandelius, author
Jonas Hassen Khemiri and musician Papa Dee. Riksutställningar, Swedish
Travelling Exhibitions Since the start in 1965 Riksutställningar has
produced and toured with more than 1000 travelling exhibitions. Every
year numerous exhibitions are shown at more than one hundred venues in
Sweden as well as in the Nordic countries and beyond. Riksutställningar
is also developing the artistic, educational and technical aspects of
the exhibition medium. For more information on recent exhibitions: Norrköping Museum of Art The Museum is well
known for its exhibitions of Swedish as well as international
contemporary art. The museum has a large collection of Swedish Art from
the 17th Century onwards, and is in particular highly regarded for its
collection of Swedish modernism. The museum has over the years acquired
a comprehensive collection of international prints, from the 16th
century onwards.

For further information please contact Marianne Hultman, Curator,
Norrköping Museum of Art
Tel: + 46 11 15 2605
Kristina Arnerud Meijhammar, Press and Marketing, Norrköping Museum of
Tel: + 46 11 15 2604
Anneli Strömberg, Head of marketing, Swedish Travelling Exhibitions
Tel: + 46 8 691 6008
Stella d’Ailly, Exhibition and tour co-ordinator, Swedish Travelling
Tel: + 46 8 691 6042

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