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[Nettime-ro] Fw: on the move NEWSFLASH 10/2003 - Newsflash
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      Wednesday October 1st 2003.
   is a website dedicated to information about professional mobility in the areas of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts disciplines.

      Periodically we issue a bulletin with news, policy and resource items that specifically concern mobility, or relate to opportunities that generate the mobility of artists.  
      New web portal to help EU citizens find jobs across borders
      An opportunity for artists? The European Commission has launched a new website to help EU citizens find jobs in another Member State.
      Trans Artists and Res Artis keep you up to date on artists in residence programmes in Europe
      All deadlines from September through November 2003! Information on cultural exchanges, residencies and work opportunities for artists! 

      Partner search
      Alert! Extra partner search bulletin
      Euclid's Alert has issued an extra partner search bulletin for Culture 2000 and other EU programmes offering support for cultural projects.
      Post your own partner search on
      You are invited to send in appropriate announcements concerning specific opportunities or news items, which facilitate and encourage cross-border professional mobility in the contemporary performing arts sector. Go to: News and Announcements page 

      Activities and Projects  
      The painters are travelling again
      Slikari Putuju or 'The Travelling Painters', the post-Yugoslav mobile billboard project of artists René Klarenbeek and Dagmar Drews has entered its second phase and is travelling from Serbia to Macedonia.
      Mobile audiences!
      Truc Sferique, an NGO in Zilina, Slovakia, has launched a new art space in a railway station.

      News from On The Move
      On the Move welcomes 8 external experts
      Eight external experts have joined On The Move during 2003, to provide input on issues related to cultural policy, training, copyright, tax issues and regional information.
      Share your opinions about mobility with On The Move
      The One The Move Share page is a page for discussion, exchange, practical tips, for anything you would like to share. It is a forum that you are cordially invited to contribute to, as long as it is relevant to the subject of the site: international mobility for artists. To participate in a discussion, go to - share page and click on the topic you want and join the group. You can also propose a new topic for discussion by clicking "request topic". 

      Subscribe / Unsubscribe
      If you wish to subscribe to the On The Move mailing list we will send you news about our developments from time to time: just send an e-mail to To cancel your subscription, just send an e-mail to Feel free to forward this e-mail to colleagues and friends. 



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