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[Nettime-ro] New Streaming Projects at Location One

Stream on Location 
Location One Audio Stream

Location One is proud to announce two new programs beginning
June 1, 2003: "Stream on Location" an audio/video project
programmed by Francois Bucher, and "Location One
audiostream," programmed by Heather Wagner. Featured artists
will change every two weeks; both current and upcoming
artists will be noted on our home page. Both programs can be
accessed at www.location1.org.

As part of our ongoing investigation into the meaning and
implications of "streaming media", we invited these two
artists (Bucher and Wagner) to curate visual and audio work
created for or particularly pertinent to this new delivery
system. We invite your response to these programs and hope
to encourage further discourse around this subject.


Stream on Location
Programmed by Francois Bucher

"Stream on Location" is an experimental project consisting
of a three-part structure that addresses the possibilities
of streaming from a curatorial perspective:

1) Featured on Stream 2) Talks on Stream 3) Archive on Stream. 

The three parts will be relevant to each other and the
curator may contribute an editorial for each new
program. The program will change every two weeks. Visitors
are invited to respond to issues or submit reflections on
subjects presented.

1) Featured on Stream 

An artist or a group will be invited to present work on the
streaming server of Location One. Artists will present works
or extracts that make sense in the context of the relatively
new format of streaming. The works included in the program
may or may not be overtly political, in the narrow sense of
the term, but they will embody a kind of alternative syntax
of the moving image that defies established conventions.

Current Guest Artist: Alex Villar 
Work : "Other Ways" 11 minutes silent video loop, 2000.

2) Talks on Stream:

This section will focus on the streaming of events, talks,
symposiums and panels that have taken place in Universities
and reading groups in New York City and elsewhere.  The
documentation will be selected from the archives of
different institutions and informal study groups, extending
from the early days of video documentation (and beyond) to
the present.  The events  will be chosen on the basis of the
impact they created at the time of their delivery as well as
being otherwise significant in the present context.

Current Panel : "Their plan versus our Plan" April, 2003.
Hosting Organization : Sixteenbeaver Group,
Panelists : Martha Rosler, Nina Felshin , Reverend Billy,
Clark Kissinger, Stephen Duncombe

3) Archive on Stream

Archival footage of historical films will be selected and
presented on the site in order to establish a dialogue with
the current political situation.  A short editorial may be
included when necessary.

Current Film : "Despotism", 1946. Produced by Encyclopedia
Britannica Films.  Pralinger Archives.


Location One audiostream
Programmed by Heather Wagner

Location One's audiostream features an eclectic mix of sound
art, oddball audioworks, algorithmic, generative,
avant-garde, or otherwise experimental music. Innovative
guest artists create a piece or prepare a playlist that will
be streamed for a duration of 2 weeks.

the streamed piece:
The first streamed work is "sine one nine", a non-repeating
piece by Tom Ritchford that was created on and "performed
by" a Kurtzweil K2500RS sampler/synthesizer connected
directly to our audio stream.

about sine one nine:
"sine one nine continues my fascination with musical
compositions of great duration, automatically generated
music, and the harmonic series.

The underlying framework of the piece is the first eighteen
sine waves in the harmonic series starting on middle C, plus
a single subharmonic note.

Each sine wave is modulated individually by a pair of
low-frequency sine oscillators. These low-frequency
oscillators also modulate each other, producing
unpredictable chaotic motion. The modulators for each
harmonic are slightly different, resulting in dramatically
different behavior of each modulation system so that each
harmonic has an extremely long and unpredictable cycle. With
nineteen such oscillators, the actual cycle of the work is
the lowest common multiple of the cycles of each individual
harmonic, resulting in a continuous piece of music that
doesn't repeat for many years.  Though the source material
is simply nineteen sine waves, the complex modulations
result in higher-order harmonics as well as enharmonic
partials, resulting in the complex shifting stereo field
that is the defining characteristic of this work."

May 22- June 28: International Residents' Show
June 13 - Music by Morex Optimo $5, 8PM
June 20 - Music by Amy X Neuburg and Joshua Fried, $10, 8PM
July 9 - August 2: Work by Saoirse Higgins: Mechanism No. 1: War, The
Location One (www.location1.org) is a new not-for profit art
center, which fosters the convergence of all types of
creative expression. We maintain a gallery space suitable
for every form of performance and exhibition, and within
this space, multimedia net-broadcasting facilities that
allow us to webcast a 24-hour stream of both live and
archived events. Our International Residency Program invites
artists from other countries to experiment with emerging
technologies. Location One is an exploration space for
continual creative discovery.

Location One is located at 26 Greene Street NYC 10013, between Grand and
Canal Streets.
Gallery Hours: Tues.-Sat. 12-6 PM
Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z)
(212) 334-3347

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