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[Nettime-ro] News from Prague Biennale

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News from Prague Biennale

Harry Potter's Absolute Preview in Prague.
Alfonso Cuaron, the extraordinarily talented American director, will take part in the Prague Biennale.
His most well-known movies are "Y Tu Mama Tambien" (2002) and "Great Expectations" (1998), inspired by the Charles Dicken's novel, with Robert De Niro, Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Now Cuaron is working on the third installation of the Harry Potter cycle, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" which will be released at Christmas.
Alfonso Cuaron is included in the Prague Biennale's section dedicated to cinema and curated by Gea Politi. For this project, he has created a short movie behind the scenes, a different approach to what will be seen at the Christmas opening.

Thanks to Atelier 4
Prague Biennale, now in its advanced phase, needs to thank all the friends and the contributors who have done their best for its realization. In addition to the official sponsor Mattoni, king of mineral water in Czech Republic, our thanks go to all the contributors, near and far, who are all working for this utopian and crazy initiative (less than 100.000 dollar budget -- about 65.000 dollars).
Special thanks go to the american Art Shipping Company, Atelier 4, an example of perfect organization, professionalism and value in art work transportation, which is supporting our work with a help and suggestions, and its patient assistance in such extreme conditions.
Everyone (artists, galleries, collectors) who needs to transport art works to and from the USA can contact Jonathan Schwarz and/or his trusty assistant Alessandra Sella for an estimate or a suggestion about transport. Please contact them here, if you like.
Atelier 4, Inc. 177 Water Street, Brooklyn, New York, tel 718.875.5050
fax 718.852.5723; email: Jonathan@atelier4.com, Alessandra@atelier4.com - www.atelier4.com

Thanks to Neither Mr. Bertrams Nor to the Goethe Institut in Prague
Among all the institutions helping with this Prague Biennale, there has been one inconvenience: The Goethe Institut Prague and its director Mr. Christoph Bertrams. They have been totally indifferent to our call for assistance for all the German artists in the Prague Biennale. Everyone passionately fond of art and the artists -German or not- (who were invited to Prague Biennale and won't reach Prague) will thank Mr. Christoph Bertrams, Bertrams@prag.goethe.org.
This is surprising for us because we all know the attention and care that the Goethe Institut uses in preserving contemporary art.

Spend a beautiful work vacation in Prague!
Some of you who like and can use drills, who can hang paintings and photographs on the wall, lift up sculptures, but, above all, someone who can use VHS and DVD projectors and speak English, who would like to spend an unforgettable week while working with artists and curators in Prague, please contact us!
It is voluntary work and will be an important curatorial experience, a sort of full immersion stage. Unfortunately, the candidate must provide for himself: travel, lodging and so on. We could suggest a very cheap residence. A room with two beds Euro 26, and meals at the National Gallery from 3 euro each.
Everyone interested in this exciting and intense experience (and, we have to say, with no economical problems), please contact me at this address: giancarlo.politi@tin.it

Thanks and best wishes,
Giancarlo Politi


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