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Subject: ICICA in Tihany, Hungary

> The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
> is inviting applications for participation in a new programme for artists,
> (September 15 - October 5, 2003)
> at the Academy's residency location in Tihany, Hungary.
> Application Deadline: June 15, 2003
> Further details on the course and on how to apply:
> www.mke.hu
> or contact:
> Eszter Lazar
> Kulugyi es Palyazati Iroda (International Office)
> Magyar Kepzomuveszeti Egyetem (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts)
> 1062-Budapest, Andrassy ut 69-71, Hungary
> tel. +361 4780980
> fax: +361 4780981
> e-mail: leszter@arts7.hu
September 15 - October 5, 2003

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Tihany

| Course of study

A course of study for artists, who have already started to move in a
specific direction within their work and who would like to participate in a
programme, which is offering the opportunity to further develop their
working practice. The course focuses on helping artists to reach a
heightened understanding of their work in a wider artistic, cultural and
theoretical context. Our aim is to encourage and develop the production of
new works, ideas and concepts through giving access to a tutorial, seminar
and workshop programme from an international field of teaching staff drawn
from Goldsmiths College, London, The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts,
Budapest as well as invited internationally renowned artists.

| Tutors and Lecturers

Beáta Veszely, Course Leader of the International Course in Contemporary
Art, Tihany. She is an artist living in London and in Hungary. Her research
theme is the horse-human symbiotic relationship, as a paradigm for
being-in-the-world and in relation to new technologies. The invited
lecturers from Goldsmiths College, London are Kate Smith and Susan Taylor
artists and lecturers on the MA and PhD in Fine Art courses and Dr. Suhail
Malik, Course Leader, Postgraduate Fine Art Critical Studies. Kate Smith is
interested where fantasy and reality intersect, and works across media.
Susan Taylor's main focus is in photographs, performativity, art-as-verb:
function, improvisation, dematerialisation and reading. Suhail Malik's main
research interest is in contemporary art's relationship with democracy and
the new technologies.
David Wilkinson is an artist living in London and in Hungary. His work
centres around the construction and reworking of forms taken from places
that we inhabit.
János Sugár, lecturer of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy
of Fine Arts, Budapest. The artist is generating content in visual art with
the help of nonsense structures. Orshi Drozdik is a New York based Hungarian
artist, presently living in Rome. She is an artistic researcher of the
female identity within the portstructuralist strategy.
Ákos Birkás is a painter, who has lived and worked abroad for several years,
he recently moved back to Hungary. His main research interest is in the
figuration within painting and the portrait in contemporary art.
Dr. György Altomáre is the Senior Consultant of Neuropsychiatry at the
National Health Service Centre in Budapest. His relevant research areas are:
personality, creativity in relation to the contemporary arts.
János Szoboszlai is an art historian and curator of the acb Gallery in
Budapest. The title of his lecture is 'Waiting for Godot: The Institutional
Frame of Contemporary Art in Hungary in the 1990s'.
Katalin TÍmár is a writer and curator at the Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum
of Contemporary Art. Her main fields of interests are contemporary art and
theory with a special focus on postcolonial and gender theories, as well as

| Programme

- Studio practice
- Group seminars
- Individual tutorials
- Written reports
- Lectures
- Exhibition

| Location

The location are the premises of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts on the
Tihany peninsula at Lake Balaton. This is a specially developed lake side
site, that provides accommodation, studios, sporting facilities and
catering. As part of the Hungarian National Heritage it previously belonged
to the Tihany Monastery and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Many
of the buildings and spaces date from the XIX century and provide a special
atmosphere to the whole site. Students will have access to these buildings
and will be encourage to use them as either studios or exhibition spaces.
The buildings, that provide accommodation and catering were fully renovated
in 1998.

Course location: 8237-Tihany, Major utca 25, Hungary.

| Expenses

Total course fee is 150 000 Ft (600 Euro).
This covers all costs and includes accommodation, one main meal per day.

Total course fee is 20 000 Ft (80 Euro). This covers all costs and includes
accommodation, one main meal per day.

Total course fee is 80 000 Ft (360 Euro). This covers all costs and includes
accommodation, one main meal per day.

Total course fee is 50 000 Ft (200 Euro). This covers all costs and includes
accommodation, one main meal per day.

Successful applicants will have to pay their fees in full latest by 1.
September 2003. We will give more details about how to do this later.
Everybody will have to organise their own travelling. All students are
responsible for their own insurance. Materials will not be provided but
maybe arranged in relation to students' specific needs depending on
availability at cost price.

| Application

Prospective participants in the course will be expected to follow the
procedures set out below. At least basic English is essential. For the
students of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts it is advised to participate
in the free intensive English language course, that will be held prior to
the programme.

Please send with your application:
1. Signed and completed application form. Form can be downloaded from the
Academy's web-site: www.mke.hu or can be requested at the Academy in the
International Office ("Külügyi és Pályázati Iroda").
2. 12 slides (35 mm), (number each slide and please write your name directly
onto the slide mount, put a cross in the left bottom corner; please do not
stick anything onto the slide mounts and do not send glass mounts.)
3. Statement. Brief description of previous work and working practice (in
maximum 500 words on an A4 page) typed in English. Please indicate why are
you applying for the course.
4. S.A.E. (enclose only if you would like us to post your materials back
after selection)

Please post your application or hand in at the International Office
("Külügyi és Pályázati Iroda").

DEADLINE: 15 June, 2003

Külügyi és Pályázati Iroda (fszt. 7)
Magyar Képzôművészeti Egyetem
1062-Budapest, Andrássy út 69-71

Please write on the envelope: 'International Course in Contemporary Art,

The selection will be made by a curatorium. The members of the curatorium
are the senior lecturers and tutors of the course in Budapest. Every
applicant will be informed by our decision in writing.

Further Information
Eszter Lázár: tel: +36 1 4780980, fax: +36 1 4780981, e-mail:
leszter@arts7.hu, www.mke.hu

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