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A Contribution to European Integration

Henkel Arts Prize for Photography in Central and Eastern Europe

Vienna, May 2003. Henkel Central Eastern Europe (Henkel CEE) is inviting applications for the second annual Henkel Arts Prize for the Central and Eastern European region. This arts prize, endowed with the sum of 5000 Euro, is designed to improve the understanding of the CEE geographical and cultural region, as well as contribute to the process of European integration. In support of young aspiring artists, Henkel is additionally awarding a Young Artists Prize, with a monetary award of 1500 Euro. This will be granted to participants of KulturKontakt Austria’s

"Artists-in-Residence" programme.

A central objective of the Henkel Arts Prize, initiated by Henkel Central Eastern Europe and dedicated in 2003 to the field of photography, is to raise awareness of the Central and Eastern European cultural area. Henkel CEE has successfully persuaded KulturKontakt Austria to be a partner in this project. For more than ten years, KulturKontakt Austria has been managing arts projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Each year, it invites applicants from Eastern European countries to take part in its "Artists-in-Residence" programme.

Interface For Central and Eastern Europe

Based in Vienna, Henkel CEE has established itself within the world-wide Henkel Group as the regional headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe. Henkel’s success story in Central and Eastern Europe began in 1984 with the company’s first pilot export project from Austria to the east. Since the founding of its first subsidiary in Hungary in 1987, Henkel has set up 50 other companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has invested more than 174 million Euro to date in order to expand its business operations in these emerging markets.

Today Henkel CEE is the third largest company within the world-wide Henkel Group (surpassed only by Germany and the U.S.A.), and is responsible for the markets in 18 countries with a total of nearly 350 million inhabitants. In addition to Austria, these are: Belorussia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine. Henkel CEE employs a total of 7200 people. In 2002, the company achieved revenues of 818 million Euro.

"Artists-in-Residence" programme of KulturKontakt Austria

KulturKontakt Austria’s "Artists-in-Residence" programme provides for a stay of three months in Vienna, including the studio, accommodation, insurance, a monthly grant of Euro 900,-, a one-time subsidy for materials as well as an exhibition of the artist’s work at the end of the three-months period.

Two studios for the fine arts and one for photography are available. Artists from the "countries in transition" in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe are eligible to apply. The prize winners will be selected by an international jury.

The application should include:

a curriculum vitae and documentation of artistic development (in English or German)

examples of work in the form of photos, slides, folders and/or catalogues (maximum size: A3)

Application material which has been submitted will be returned to the owners after the selection process by the jury. Oversized work will not be accepted.



to be postmarked no later than 31 August 2003. Applications are to be addressed to:

KulturKontakt Austria

Att: Department of Visual Arts

Spittelberggasse 3/DG

A-1070 Vienna


Further information can be obtained from KulturKontakt Austria, at the e-mail address


kultur@kulturkontakt.or.at, or by calling +43-1-523 87 65 ext. 43.


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