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Title: Untitled Document


The Prague Biennale (June 27-28, 2003) with a budget of only €100,000 (U.S. $105,000).
An ethical approach to art.

The PRAGUE BIENNALE, with 250 artists and 30 curators from the world over, is more expansive and more articulated than the Venice Biennale and Documenta.
But how is the PRAGUE BIENNALE possible with a budget of only €100,000 (or U.S. $105,000) when Documenta costed 40 million euros (and dollars) and we don't even know the budget of the Venice Biennale?
While the big international exhibitions are endless wells, a hymn to the waste of money in the name of art, the PRAGUE BIENNALE aims to be an ethical monument and demonstrate that it's possible to create a big exhibition and invite all the curators and artists involved with little means but with a lot of engagement, ideas, and hard work.
The 250 artists and 30 curators will come and transform Prague into a huge cultural laboratory promising uncertain but charming results, with a beautiful catalogue of over 600 color pages containing contributions by critics, theorists, curators, and the artists involved. There will also be a mini-catalogue, an essential short guide available at only €4 (U.S. $4) for those who are not interested in the general catalogue which will be for sale at €35 (U.S. $35).
All those who wish to join us in Prague will be welcome at the opening and the great party on the terrace of the National Gallery (June 27), and are invited to a disco and VJ event, which is part of the Biennale, on the following night (June 28).
Check our website at www.praguebiennale.org and through various links you can pick the hotel you prefer, from 5-star deluxe accommodation to a simple but comfortable pension at €20 (U.S. $20) per night. And a choice of amazing restaurants, from typical Prague cuisine to excellent Italian and French - all at a very convenient price.

The Biennale Catalogue
As I said, the catalogue will be a real summary of the actual artistic research. Beautiful images, biographies, and critical essays on 250 artists, the best of today's international scene. About 600 pages, smooth and well-curated, according to our standards.
I wish to advise all the dealers, curators, critics, and artists: do not ignore the possibility of advertising in this catalogue which will be the reference book in the years to come, especially because a page (format: 23 x 17 cm; approximately 6 3/4 x 9 inches) costs only €1,000 (U.S. $1,000) and the circulation of the catalogue, as you can expect, will be on planetary scale.
Do not hesitate to book a page that will be visible around the world. Write or call one of our agents: Kate Shanley (U.S.A.) +1 212 4774950 or flashartads@aol.com; Fanny Dubes (Europe and Asia) +44 207 351 59 81 or fanny@flashart.demon.co.uk; or the Flash Art offices in Milan +39 02 688 73 41 or info@flashartonline.com. The final deadline is May 31.

Prague Biennale + Art Diary International
If you wish, you can also take advantage of our very interesting offer: Prague Biennale + Art Diary International. Our agents (Betty and Arianna) can provide you with the details.

The Prague Biennale Project
To learn more about the Prague Biennale Project you can visit the Prague Biennale website (www.praguebiennale.org or www.flashartonline.com). In this way you can have a (small) sense of the breadth and complexity of this exhibition created with nothing.

Sincerely yours,

Giancarlo Politi

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