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The Séminaire d'études artistiques Centre Universitaire Luxembourg


Casino Luxembourg ? Forum d'art contemporain




18.7.- 26.7.2003

Hybrid -Liquid

featuring the artists:

Milica Tomic

Zbigniew Libera


ART WORKSHOP 03 is a platform for exchange and discussion among artists as well as for reflection and interpretation on the impact of art on everyday life. The workshop is open to 12 young artists from different countries. Much beyond the effects of virtuality and the loss of the form as a metaphor, this years edition copes with the epistemological changes occurring in the relation between art and society in the face of global terrorism and war conflicts. Furthermore the workshop raises the questions of production and distribution in connection with contemporary artistic stances and approaches.

Goals :

- To further creative and intellectual exchange.

- To place young artists and their work within the context of contemporary creation.

- To establish a European platform for research and reflection in the field of contemporary art.

- To encourage young artists in presenting their work and discussing it with contemporary art professionals as well as with other young artists of different cultural backgrounds.

Realisation :

Preliminary sketches of intellectual and artistic results will be exhibited at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d?art contemporain.

Conditions :

The workshop addresses young artists and third-year-university art students(minimum request).

The participants have to supply their own material for their works (cameras, polaroids, drawings...).

Free accomodation and free access to the exhibitions and the documentation centre of the Casino Luxembourg-Forum d'art contemporain.

To enclose with the registration form: ? letter of motivation ? curriculum vitae

(studies, workshops...) ? short project of your contribution to the theme of

"Hybrid - Liquid - The Art Force?

Send to: Paul di Felice, SEA-Centre Universitaire Luxembourg

(+352) 091507878

Séminaire d'études artistiques

Centre Universitaire

162 A, av. de la Faïencerie

L-1511 Luxembourg

Registration closes June 14, 2003

ART WORKSHOP schedule:

Friday 18 July at 3 p.m.:

Meeting at the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

Friday 18 July at 6 p.m.:

Public lecture by Rolf Sachsse

From Hybrid to Liquid - On Strange Habits in the Arts, or How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.:

Casino Luxembourg-Forum d'art contemporain and other places :

- presentation of the participants? works, analysis and exchange of views

- meeting with the guest lecturers

- discussion about their work and theoretical approach

- preparation of the public presentation

(works of the participants and results of the workshop)

Tuesday 22 July at 6 p.m.:

Public lecture by Milica Tomic

Wednesday 23 July at 6 p.m.:

Public lecture by Zbigniew Libera

Saturday 26 July at 3 p.m.:

Opening of ?HYBRID-LIQUID? presentation of the resulting works

(from Saturday 26 July to Sunday 27 July) at the Casino Luxembourg- Forum d'art contemporain


Paul di Felice


Bettina Heldenstein,

Casino Luxembourg-Forum d'art contemporain

tel.: (+352) 22 50 45

fax (+352) 22 95 95 e-mail: <>



Paul Di FELICE: curator, publisher, teacher in charge of the Séminaire d'études artistiques, Centre Universitaire, Luxembourg

Rolf SACHSSE: curator, author, Dean of the Faculty of Design at Niederrhein University of Applied Science in Krefeld

in collaboration with:

Enrico LUNGHI: curator, artistic director of Casino Luxembourg-Forum d'art contemporain

Bettina HELDENSTEIN: responsable of the educational department of the Casino Luxem-bourg- Forum d?art contemporain


Sponsored by : Fonds Culturel National, Ministère de la Culture, de l'Enseignement Supérieur

et de la Recherche, Luxembourg

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