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[Nettime-ro] multiplicity - border counter

> Subject: multiplicity - border counter 
> Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 23:07:34 +0200
> please circulate. thank you
> [ve]01: border counter 
> call for participation
> The dream of a world-space completely fluid and
> passable is maybe the last utopia of the 20th
> century.  The smooth quality supposedly inherent to
> contemporary space though, at a closer look of the
> territory seems to fail.  One of the immediate
> results of global interconnections and movements, in
> fact, appears to be a proliferation of borders,
> security systems, checkpoints, physical and virtual
> frontiers.  This phenomenon can be observed both at
> the micro-level of our surroundings and on the
> macro-scale of global flows.  Borders are, in fact,
> all around us.  They are both conventional and
> geographical, abstract and real, ordinary and
> controversial.  An encompassing view of this
> combination of flows (of people, goods, ideas.) and
> restrictions on a given territory unfolds the
> complexity of both individual and collective
> identities that are, at the same time, constructed
> and diffracted by the experience of border-crossing.
> Multiplicity is promoting a research project to
> detect this proliferation of border devices, along
> with its consequences and relations to contemporary
> space and society.
> what
> [ve]01: border counter is an installation project
> curated by Multiplicity and Officina Plug-in that
> will gather different experiences of
> borders-crossing on a pre-given route: Berlin -
> Venice - Jerusalem.  It will be an on going visual
> atlas and archive on the idea of borders and on the
> processes that are needed to move through them. It
> will be a platform where different views, notions
> and experiences will meet and mingle. It will be a
> collaborative work made of the contributions of
> those who want to respond to this call. 
> [ve]01: border counter will gather, in this way,
> diverse perspective coming from a number of
> individual positions and personal analysis. It will
> be, at the same time, a fluid critical space, in
> which the idea of border will be both visually and
> critically diffracted and examined. 
> where
> 50th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di
> Venezia. Utopia Station exhibition. June 12th  -
> November 2nd, 2003.
> whom
> this call is to all those architects, urban
> planners, artists, photographers, film-makers,
> designers, cultural practitioners who are interested
> in contributing to [ve]01: border counter. 
> Multiplicity and Officina Plug-in invite them to
> share their travel notes, film material, visas etc.
> with other traveller-artists in order to build a
> collaborative project that gives a complex view on
> the experience of border-crossing.
> how
> all the participants are asked to travel through two
> given trajectories: either Berlin / Venice or
> Jerusalem / Venice. The paths, times, modalities of
> the travels are up to each participant.  Trips can
> be on foot, by bus, bike, plane, train, boat, mule.
> or any other possible solution or combination. 
> The participants will have to deliver videos in
> mini-dv format and photos on cd-rom. Editing
> facilities will be available in the installation
> space. Travel papers, notes are welcome in
> combination with the digital material.
> when
> [ve]01: border counter will open on June 12th. An
> on-line confirmation is required to all the
> participants by may 31st via e-mail at
> During the first days, the
> installation will function as a meeting point for
> the traveller-artists and all the film material will
> be collected and edited with the support of our
> staff.  Afterwards, videos of the different trips
> will be screened all together throughout the whole
> period of the Biennale of Visual Art 2003  
>   [ve]01: deadlines 
>       application   may 31st   
>     delivery        june 10th - 20th 
>     editing         june 12th - 30th
>     exhibit         june 12th - november 2nd 
> why
> [ve]01: border counter is an invitation to put
> ourselves in between, in the middle of conflicts and
> contradictions. To detect the local conflicts, using
> an insider view.  It is a tool to remind the
> proliferation of barriers, fences, enclaves,
> gathered circuits that our societies are building in
> order to underline and fix the identities of the
> multiple minorities which are structuring them. 
> [ve]01: border counter is a way to remind the
> weakness of our identity-remarks. It is simply
> mirroring the imperfect Polyarchy which is
> structuring our societies. Reflecting the arrogance
> and the dreams of its multiple minorities.
> Border-device(s) - - is an
> ongoing research/project by Multiplicity (Stefano
> Boeri, Maddalena Bregani, Maki Gherzi, Matteo
> Ghidoni, Sandi Hilal, John Palmesino, Alessandro
> Petti + Isabella Inti, Salvatore Porcaro, Francesca
> Recchia) and Domus Academy with Berlage Institute
> Rotterdam, Kunst-Werke Berlin, Officina Plug-in
> Venezia, Progetto Italia.
> Multiplicity is a an agency for territorial
> investigation based in Milan. Multiplicity is
> concerned in contemporary urbanism, architecture,
> visual arts and general culture. Multiplicity
> detects the physical environment, researching for
> the clues and traces produced by new social
> behaviors. Multiplicity promotes and organises
> projects in various parts of the world. Multiplicity
> is an ever-changing network, recruited in the
> various geographical area of intervention. The
> research network is formed by architects,
> geographers, artists, urban planners, photographers,
> sociologists, economists, filmmakers, etc.
> Multiplicity projects and produces installations,
> intervention strategies, workshops and books about
> the recent and hidden processes of transformation of
> the urban condition. At present, the Multiplicity
> network counts on around eighty researchers,
> involved in three major projects: USE-Uncertain
> states of Europe (Bordeaux 2000, Brussels 2001,
> Tokyo 2001, Perth 2002, Milan 2002); Solid Sea, a
> study of the Mediterranean presented at Documenta11
> and Border-Device(s), a research about the
> proliferation of controversial bounderies in the
> contemporary world (Berlin Kunst-Werke, Venice
> Future Center, and Venice Biennale 2003). Other
> recent projects include Tokyo Voids (Tokyo 2002),
> The Chinese Connection (Perth International Arts
> Festival 2002) and Space World - a Void workshop
> (CCA Kitakyushu 2002).  Publications include:
> Mutations, (Actar, Barcelona 2001, with various
> authors); Mutations, (TNProbe, Tokyo 2000, also by
> various authors), Geographie und die Politik der
> Mobilität, (Generali Foundation, Vienna 2003, by
> various authors), USE Uncertain states of Europe
> (Skira, Milan 2003).

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