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[Nettime-ro] "Chiribiquete" at Location One


presents an evening of experimental music Thursday, May 15th, 2003 8 PM:
Chiribiquete (2003)
Work in Progress - Trio Version

Ricardo Arias, balloons, electronics, composition
Sean Meehan, snare drum and cymbals
Barry Weisblat, homemade electronics
Mauricio Alvarez, field recordings

Chiribiquete is a performance created with unorthodox musical instruments and techniques. Musicians play within an environment of rainforest and jungle sounds distilled from field recordings by ornithologist Mauricio Alvarez from a natural reserve in the Colombian Amazon.

Ricardo Arias was born in Bogotà, Colombia, in 1965. He has also lived in Barcelona, The Hague, and currently resides in New York. He studied composition and electroacoustic music with Chilean composer Gabriel Brncic at the Phonos Foundation in Barcelona and flute with Hiroshi Kobayashi and Joan Bofill, also in Barcelona. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Hunter College in New York City.

Most of Arias' music is improvised and made in collaboration with other musicians. Apart from occasionally playing the flute, he uses unconventional instruments and found objects as sound sources. He has performed with a shifting array of small found objects, amplified with piezo-electric transducers. Since 1992 he has focused almost exclusively on the balloon kit, a number of rubber balloons attached to a suitable structure and played with the hands and a set of accessories, including various kinds of sponges, pieces of Styrofoam, rubber bands. His tape pieces have been heard at the Ciclo Nuevas MFAsicas (Montevideo), Festival Synthese (Bourges), Instituto Colombo-Americano (Bogotà), and The Institute of Sonology (The Hague), among other places. He recently presented an installation piece at the Zeppelin Sound art Festival in Barcelona. Arias has published essays in Experimental Musical Instruments (Vol, 13, #2, 1997), and Leonardo Music Journal (Vol. 9, 1999).

Sean Meehan became musically active in the late 80's at the Amica Bunker series for improvised music, which was then housed at ABC No Rio in New York City. Meehan's interest in improvisation and collaboration has taken him around the world where he has performed solo and with many local artists including players of folk instruments, computer artists and avant-garde flower arrangers. Current performances generally find Meehan playing only the snare drum in a manner that sheds conventional usage and reconstructs the conception and function of the instrument. Meehan's published recordings document some of his collaborations including work with Sachiko M; Mamoru Fujieda and Michihiro Sato; Edwin Torres and Muigel Algarin; and Tamio Shiraishi. Other contributions to the material world include the construction of performance objects that serve as "compositional things." Included in this are the pieces gift iii, which musically activates a sink full of dishes; gift iv, for woodblock; and audio, a boxed set of four cassettes to be played in the mind.

Barry Weisblat has been a sound engineer, electronic instrument builder, collaborator and photographer. During the past few years he has focused on live performance with homemade circuits and modified electronic toys, radios and electro-magnetic devices. His collaborators include Tim Barnes, Toshio Kajiwara, Matthew "mv" Valentine, Samara Lubelski, Dean Roberts, Klenn Koche, Tetuzi Akiyama, Sean Meehan, Chris Corsano, Peter Kowald, Daniel Carter, and Margarida Garcia. Ornithologist Mauricio Alvarez graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotà, Colombia. For over ten years he has traveled the country extensively, gathering ornithological census data and recording animal and environmental sounds. He currently works as a researcher for the Instituto de Investigaciones de Recursos Biologicos Alexander Von Humboldt with headquarters in Villa de Leiva, Colombia. He directs the Animal Sound Bank which houses more than 6000 recordings of birds and other animals, as well as environmental sounds from across Colombia: http://araneus.humboldt.org.co/inventarios/bsa.html. The recorded sounds in Chiribiquete are used with kind permission of the Instituto Alexander von Humboldt.

This work in progress will be presented in its final form on May 24th, 2003 at Engine 27 in New York City (www.engine27.org) with an instrumental quintet

May 22- June 28: International Residents' Show. Opening May 22, 6-8pm
May 29: Locution: Bonnie Marranca in conversation with Marianne Weems, Artistic Director of the Builders Association and Norman Frisch, Dramaturg.

Location One (www.location1.org) is a new not-for profit art center, which fosters the convergence of all types of creative expression. We maintain a gallery space suitable for every form of performance and exhibition, and within this space, multimedia net-broadcasting facilities that allow us to webcast a 24-hour stream of both live and archived events. Our International Residency Program invites artists from other countries to experiment with emerging technologies. Location One is an exploration space for continual creative discovery.

Location One is located at 26 Greene Street NYC 10013, between Grand and Canal Streets.
Gallery Hours: Tues.-Sat. 12-6 PM Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z) (212) 334-3347

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