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[Nettime-ro] BIOTECH - Art as contemporary phenomenology

Fundatia Idea & Goethe Institut Inter Nationes 
in colaborare cu CIAC
va invita:

Joi 8 Mai, ora 18.00
Str. Selari 9-11 (Intr.Soarelui 1), Bucuresti

JENS HAUSER - curator
BIOTECH - Art as contemporary phenomenology

Mai multe date despre Jens Hauser:

Probably you already went to the website of the bioart
exhibition in 
Some more theoretical description can be found on a
homepage about a 
conference I coordinated at Sorbonne in december:
I'm actually organizing a whole conference in
Osnabrück, to be held in 
the context of the European Media Art Festiva, on
april 25th:

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