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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Cyber art Competition

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From: Emanuela Gagliardini []
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 11:44 AM
To: Lidia Varbanova; Andrea Csanadi
Subject: Cyber art Competition

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing to inform you about a Cyber art competition organised within 
the 'In-visible Out-skirt' project funded by the European Commission 
within the Culture 2000 programme.

The competition is reserved to young people and artists aged between 15 
- 25 that are resident in Italy, Finland, Spain, Poland, Hungary and 
Rumania. The competition has 2 sections: digital video and digital 
image. The deadline of the competition is 15th May 2003. You can find 
the complete rule and the application form to participate in the 
official web-site of the project

I would like to ask you to disseminate the Competition among your 
mailing list of potential interested young people, or cultural/art 

Thank you very much.

The one below is the Press release of the Comeptiton

Best regards


The ‘In-visible Out-skirt’ cyber art competition is starting

The Municipality of Rome Cultural Heritage Department is launching a 
cyber art competition within the Culture 2000 European Project called 
‘In-visible Out-skirt’.
The themes of the cyber art competition - common to many European cities 
and towns - are marginal urban areas, urban outskirts and impoverished 
districts which lack services.
Participation in the competition is free and is open to all artists, 
students and Internet users aged between 15 and 25 and resident in the 
countries involved in the project: Finland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, 
Poland and Rumania.
The complete rules are available on the official website along with the form necessary to send the 
participating works through the Internet.
The competition is divided into two sections: digital image and digital 
video and the entry deadline for the works is 15th May 2003.
The prize for the two winners will be an invitation to Rome to take part 
in the official In-visible Out-skirt competition prize-giving. They will 
also be involved in a cyber art event organised in Ancona.
The network led by the Municipality of Rome comprises the following: 
Municipio VII local authority arts and entertainment department Rome 
(Italy), Institute of Tourism ‘Livia Bottardi’ Rome (Italy), Culture 
Association ’Futuro’ Rome (Italy), Provincia di Ancona local authority 
arts and entertainment department Ancona (Italy), Budapest Institute of 
Education Budapest (Hungary), Malaga Country Council Culture Department 
Malaga (Spain) and Bratianu National High School Pitesti Arges (Rumania).

Emanuela Gagliardini
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