Jan Dupont on Mon, 14 Apr 2003 11:13:12 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Invitation

Hello Julia Farjat....Ygyed Judith
Here I am again.
Jan Dupont
From World Wide Sculture FestivallYear 2000 in Blokhus Denmark.
We want you to be represented in a  wellfare stonesclupturefestival-symposium
"PolioPlus" vaccine to Children og The World.
June 2003.
Posibilities: Konkrete, Granite, Sanstone, Metal (Gold/Bronze/Messsing)
Theme: PolioPlus Children of the World getting well.
Free travel for You - Luxuryus Hotel on Rungstedgaard or Hotel Marina.
Breakfast, visit  Lousiana, visit Little Mermaid, visit Copenhagen Tivoli.
And my 50 years aniversary....
Are you interested miss Julia Farjat...
Please Reply
You need to bring all tools.
Best regards.
Hello again..
Jan Dupont
This invitation is to forearded to Juan Carlos Mercurio,  Argentina, Jean Claude Lambert, France, Finn Rune Petersen, Denmark, Ivivaz de Oliveria, Brazil,  Sara Galiazo and Bulgarian Artist Egyed Judith, Kemal Tuffan Turky,
Egyed Judith....
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