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[Nettime-ro] Bookstorming--signatures

[March 14, 2002]
A Bookstorming information

Bookstorming, the on line magazine and bookshop dedicated to contemporary art, organise signatures by Remy Zaugg and Antoni Muntadas.

---Remy Zaugg will sign on March, 19, all their books published by les presses du réel (Dijon, France) and also « le monde voit, 15 tableaux, 1995-2000 », catalogue published by gallery cent8-serge le borgne (Paris, France).

---Antoni Muntadas will sign on April 16, « On translation », last book published by the Macba (Barcelona, Spain), and we also presented « Antoni Muntadas, Stadium » and « Antoni muntadas, 1992 » with CD audio.

You can order by e-mail, fax or telephone for a signed and dedicated copy.

Also, discover a large selection of over 15,000 publications or limited editions about contemporary art, a large variety of titles that are either uneasily available or scarcely diffused, and a specialized thematic database covering the last 30 years in art.

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