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[Nettime-ro] Fw: <nettime> Emergency Rooms / Manifesto

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Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 5:21 PM
Subject: <nettime> Emergency Rooms / Manifesto

> Emergency Rooms
> Urgent Proposition for Museums of Contemporary Art
> Based on the observation that the visual artist is left out of the debate
> about actuality. I believe that it would be healthy for society to open up
> 'Emergency Rooms' in contemporary art institutions.
> Such emergency spaces would give the artists the chance to visually
> on actuality -- an opportunity to express his/her position and visions
> today (today understood as today without any delay).
> The Emergency Rooms will be updated every day and will have the important
> concept of living at the same ultra fast speed of the news (and it's
> consequences like new warsS).
> The Emergency Rooms will welcome any visual artist with burning visions
> about the news.
> The quality or aesthetic of the exhibitions is not important here. The
> importance lies in the possibility to show art immediately. The exhibition
> should function like the mass medias: Be renewed every day and be up to
> on the ongoing debates. For example, visual artists working with video
> re-edit and thus make new version of the TV news; artists working with
> could reorganise the iconography of newspapers to provide another angle.
> Visitors to the museum would see a new version of the newspaper they have
> just read, or of the TV's 'breaking news' that they just saw. Visitors
> should experience a new vision of what is normally offered to them through
> the news media, a new perception of the World's actual situation.
> To work this way, the visual artists need: An 'Emergency Room' -- a real
> physical space. It should be clear that an installation artist is not a
> artist or a writer of a chronicle. To express his/her burning vision and
> feelings about what happens in the World today, the installation artist
> needs an exhibition space. To be powerful in his/her expression the artist
> needs to express him/herself in his own language.
> The actual situation is that if an artist wants to comment on a burning
> actuality in an art institution, he must accept a delay of several years
> before having the possibility to show his vision. The contemporary art
> structure is putting the visual artist in a position of a 'retard'
> response).
> I believe that installation artists have important statements to make. I
> believe that artists are the thermometers for society and that we have to
> give them a voice in real time (and not in delay, before it is too late).
> Politicians use visual communication more and more. The visual artist is a
> specialist in decoding and synthesising visual material and is strongly
> to bring us a new version of what is really going on -- as he/she is a
> expert.
> Political decisions are made fast and it is important that the
> art structure allows the artist to take part in the actual debate and
> compete with the ultra speed of the news.
> This is why I believe that art institutions should open 'Emergency Rooms',
> where artists can arrive in the morning and exhibit immediately i.e. the
> he/she reads the newspapers. I am sure that some evidence or even human
> sensuality will be brought into focus for the visitors of museums.
> I am convinced that artists have some 'evidence' about the world today --
> evidence that we should also have a chance to look at.
> Artists in society play the role of bringing back the debate on human
> (and not always those in media strategies). He/she also has the role of
> being a sensitive observant of society's mechanisms. The Emergency Rooms
> have to take place in public institutions like museums because the
> of the artists are of public interest.
> We need the artist's comments now. Let us give them spaces to show us what
> they think about today's news, i.e. the war.
> Chevalier Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel
> emergency room manifesto:
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