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An Art Omi residency:
A three week Residency Program for visual artists in upstate New York.
Art Omi provides artists with a studio, living quarters and meals at no
cost to the artist. Artists pay for their travel and art materials.
Artists may apply for one of our Fellowships to help with costs for
travel and art materials. The Residency takes place for three weeks
during the month of July. Each year, a different critic-in-residence is
on hand to lead discussions and make one-on-one studio visits. Because
of the proximity to New York City, there are also visits by many
prominent critics, gallerists, curators, and artists. Valuable contacts
are made through these informal encounters. In the evenings, after
dinner, the group gathers for lectures, slide presentations and panel


Art Omi Application Guidelines for Visual Artists:

Application is open to all professional visual artists (no students)
from all countries. The annual deadline for receiving applications is
March 10.  Please include the following materials only.

1.      Six (6) 35mm color slides for carousel projector. CDs, or video
tapes or DVDs for new media artists only whose work is time based or
kenetic and cannot be seen well in slide format. Any work that moves or
is based in  video or film can be viewed on CD, DVD or video. All 2-D
and 3-D work that is still will only be viewed in slide format. Note: do
not send catalogs, glass slides, brochures or folders. These extra
materials will not be considered. Each slide should be labeled with your
name and the number of the slides corresponding to the slide script. The
TOP of each slide should be clearly marked. VHS tapes should be NTSC
format cued for a 3-5 minute viewing. CD-ROMs will be viewed on an
IBM-compatible PC.
2.      A numbered list of slides (or CD/video script) submitted with
title, date of work, medium and size. At the top of the page list the
artist's name, address, telephone number, email address, nationality,
age, sex and languages spoken.

3.      Curriculum vitae listing education and exhibitions.
4.      A brief letter describing what you hope to achieve while in
residence at Art Omi.

5.      A  S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope), for returning
slides. Do not send metered or dated postage, or non-U.S. stamps. Please
use international postal coupons if possible.

Please indicate on your application if you wish to apply for a travel

Send completed applications to:
Art Omi Applications
55 Fifth Avenue 15th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Email questions to, or fax to (212) 206-6114, or call
(212) 206-5660.
Visit our web site at



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