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[Nettime-ro] makunouchi bento - himette ! out now _

my (makunouchi bento) album is out on 
any interested buyers/reviewers/helpers ? 
you could order online - also dl some sample mp3s. 

press release text: 
some years ago, our former cover designer and "store" project initiator
brendan cook tried to define "idm" as one of the first supranational musics,
talking about guineos "tosstones" ep that came out that time on chocolate
industries. the sound of idm - a classification that emancipated long ago
from the "intelligent dance music" labelling it formerly abbreviated - was
the very first flavor of music that came up in a globally networked,
subcultural community and profited from the beginning from the rich
influences of all contributors that took part in this movement. idm had just
as much unique elements as it needed to establish a trademark and left the
rest to a wide open space of possibilities and ingredients from all over the
world without becoming discreditted as "world music". therefor a door was
opened to artists from all kind of cultural circles, and for the first time
a musical languange was created that was globally and democratically
accessible to everyone who owned a computer, no matter if he lived in
brazil, or - like felix petrescu and valentin toma from makunouchi bento -
in romania.both artists are doing this for years now. they learned their
language well and expanded its vocabulary continuously. when you first hear
their music and catch memories of early 90ies warp artists b12 and black dog
productions you may certainly be on the right track, but be sure you don't
miss the next exit, because makunouchi bento are no epigons of anyone, they
are just themselves. mixing harsh industrialesque tones into their songs or
cutting up children's songs is just as good as doing some field recordings
and taking them as the basic track for a new song and doing this, they pick
up other "homeless" (in a positive sense of outernationalism) genres that
developed over the last few years. In this sense, it may be more than just a
lucky decision to even pick their name from a as "foreign" language as
Japanese (makunouchi bento is a subdivided lunchbox f or all the different
parts of a "real" japanese meal). nevertheless, despite of all the different
materials they work with, their sound remain remarkably tight and

is 9 E and you could order it here: 

get mp3 samples (3 full songs here): 
"For questions, promos or if you are a recordshop who wants to distribute
Retinascan CDs either mail to " 

c/o Burkhard Kerlin 
Markt 26 


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