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[Nettime-ro] "Tourism & Photography: Still Visions - Changing Lives"

This is to announce "Tourism & Photography: Still Visions - Changing Lives", an
international conference to be held at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield,
United Kingdom on 20-23 July 2003.


Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change and School of Cultural Studies at SHU
invites submissions for its 2003 Tourism & Photography conference. The aim of
the conference is to explore the tourism-photography relationship from
different disciplinary perspectives. Why do tourists take photos of certain
things and not of others? Why do tourists take photos at all? How do photos
build places, how do they change places and shape lives? How are photos used to
define people and territories? How do locals negotiate photographic images of
themselves? Themes of interest to the conference include:

- Through the Lens: Camera - Tourist Relationships

- Photographic Pioneers in the Evolution of Tourist Destinations

- Inventing and Re-inventing Landscapes for Tourism

- Photography in Destination Marketing Strategy

- Framing Beauty for Visitors

- Commercial Photography and the Tourist Brochure

- Photographs as Triggers for Tourist Memory

- Representing Places, Peoples and Pasts

- Negotiating Cultural Identity

- Resisting the Captured Image


Contributions to explore the relationship of tourism and photography are
welcome from a variety of disciplines including art history, photography, media
studies, tourism marketing & planning, sociology, anthropology, history,
aesthetics, psychology, geography, political sciences, landscape theory, etc.
Please send abstracts (300 words) along with your full name & postal /
electronic address by 15st April 2003 to slmdp@electra.shu.ac.uk <mailto:slmdp@electra.shu.ac.uk>. You can also
contact me at the same address for any further information.


Yours sincerely,



Dr. David Picard

Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change

Sheffield Hallam University

City Campus - Howard Street

Sheffield S1 1WB, UK


More information on CTCC soon at: www.tourism-culture.com <http://www.tourism-culture.com> (online mid-February)

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