Bogdan Achimescu on Sat, 27 Jul 2002 21:26:20 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Bururesti, Timisoara, Cluj, Scornicesti, Iasi, Constanta

M-a pus naiba sa caut o harta a Romaniei pe internet.

Un search pe m-a dirijat spre situl Lonely Planet, una din cele
mai importante edituri de ghiduri de calatorie.

In continuare, manat de o furie patriotica, le-am scris nevinovatilor de la
Lonely Planet un mail. Daca tot imi plimb fundul prin "occident" sa ma
comport si eu ca un consumator ofuscat de calitatea iaurtului care imi este
servit. Mai ales ca e sambata si am un pic de timp. :-)

Daca si la voi e sambata sau dumineca lunea asta si daca aveti timp,
uitati-va si voi la:

Numai bine


> I can not believe that, out of the 4 cities highlighted by your Romania map,
> one is the "city" of Scornicesti. Reason = birthplace of Romania's infamous
> dictator.
> In a country where Ovid wrote his poems in exile (in Constanta), the great
> sculptor Brancusi installed his "Endless Column" (in Targu Jiu),  the painted
> monasteries of Bucovina are situated, etc, etc, you should find more
> interesting highlights.
> That is, unless you superficially consider Romania a Dracula/Ceausescu theme
> park and you take your readers for superficial, uncultivated travelers.
> My experiences meeting Western tourists in Romania tell me exactly the
> opposite.
> Please be discerning with what and how you highlight on a country's profile. I
> personally find it offensive to see your version of Romania's map.  I am sure
> an Austrian would feel the same seeing Hitler's birthplace highlighted on
> Austria's map.  Ceausescu was convicted on numerous counts, including genocide
> and executed in 1989. If LP's knowledge of Romania extends one inch beyond
> this news-headline-type fact, adjust your maps to your knowledge. If it
> doesn't, leave it like it is.
> All the best,
> Bogdan Achimescu
> cc romanian visual culture newsgroup

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