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[Nettime-ro] Summer School "SOUND & VISION"

> PAC MULTIMEDIA is organizing  7-days Summer School "SOUND&VISION" for film
> and music in Ohrid, Macedonia, which will consist from different sessions
> for film and music. Some of the sessions will be organized in order that
> each participant will be able to attend them no matter in which session
> they are participating.
> Eligibility and selection
> Who should apply
> For the film sessions
> Film students, young authors from film studios, low-fi video/film
> production studios as well as freelancers working in the moving sector. 
> For the film sessions
> Students of composing, composers/ musicians that would like to work music
> for film.
> An international jury will select the participants.
> 	Dates and conditions
> Dead line for application--- July 20th 2002. 
> Organizers and their financial partners cover the travel, accommodation
> and meal costs for the participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia,
> Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Slovenia, Romania,
> Kosovo. Participants from other countries are welcome to participate by
> covering their traveling costs and costs for accommodation. There is no
> fee for the participation.
> For further information and the application form please send an email at
> info@concept.osf.ro <mailto:info@concept.osf.ro>.
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