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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] Mikrokino FEST 2002 Call For Entries


Mikrokino FEST 2002 is an international short film festival to be held for
the second time from February 22-26th, 2002 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Mikrokino FEST is organized by LOW-FI VIDEO (Belgrade-based organization
promoting short, independent and alternative films), the leading Eastern
European microcinema programmer. LOW-FI VIDEO was launched in 1997, and to
this date it has screened almost 500 Serbian and more than 160 foreign
short film.

The success of Mikrokino FEST 2001 where 80 short films, 2 interactive
CD-ROM projects and one full-length feature film, from five continents,
were presented to the Serbian audience logically led to Mikrokino FEST

Mikrokino FEST 2002 will be a competitive festival with two symbolic
1. Mikrokino Audience Award
2. LOW-FI VIDEO's Mikrokino2002 Reward

Mikrokino FEST 2002 is looking for titles from all over the world. The
categories are: 

1. Short narrative (drama, comedy, action, any other genre)
2. Short animation (any kind)
3. Short experimental
4. Documentary
5. Internet and CD-ROM film (made primarily for the Internet or CD-ROM

There is no entry fee. 

There is no censorship. 

Each film will be previewed by the preview jury, which will select the
films to be shown at the Mikrokino FEST 2002. 

Deadline for submissions: January 1, 2002 

Entry form and declaration can be downloaded at:

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