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[Nettime-ro] subsol: call for contributions

Call for contributions

Recent transformations in the production and
distribution of culture have resulted in a withering
of control. In this atmosphere, the creation of
autonomous cultural spaces and media has become
necessary for the survival of art  and the art of
survival. This need is even more profoundly felt in
post-socialist countries, where decades of
bureaucratic centralization have forestalled the
development of self-management. But the "occupation"
of the spaces of culture has not been an unproblematic
chapter of history--often it has produced expulsions,
closed bureaucracies, and ideological dogmatism.
Although the ghosts of the past still haunt the
imagination of the living, today, increasingly, we
bear witness to new forms of association that are no
longer properly called groups. Nameless, they exist on
the borders of disappearance, without the need for
manifestoes, without the desire for programs, without
the exigency of five-year plans. 

SUBSOL invites contributions from sometime artists,
backyard activists, media practitioners, and the
organizers of autonomous spaces. As a matter of
principle all contributions are from those involved at
the point of production. The threads of the next issue
will be: 

(1) Autonomous Spaces: New media labs and social
centers. Reflections on group identity, territory, and
mobility are also welcome. A partial list of
contributors includes: Autonomous Culture Factory
(Croatia), bootlab (Germany), Buryzone (Slovakia), CAA
(Romania), Cyberpipe (Slovenia),
(Netherlands), D.I.N.A. (Italy), FiftyFifty (Spain),
InterSpace (Bulgaria), Kisvarso (Hungary), K2
(Latvia), Kuda (Yugoslavia), Metelkova (Slovenia),
net.culture center mama (Croatia), NoDimension (Czech
Republic), Sarai (India), Tranzit (Romania),
V2_Institute for Unstable Media (Netherlands), WRO

(2) Sovereign Media: Small scale but globally
dispersed media with no reason beyond their own
existence and no orientation towards profit.
Contributors: Candida TV (Italy), Communication Front
(Bulgaria), Institutio Media (Lithuania),
(Finland), Tetsuo Kogawa (Japan), Geert Lovink &
Joanne Richardson (Australia/Croatia), Mikro
(Germany), Net Institute & Rekombinant (Italy), Re-lab
(Latvia), r a d i o q u a l i a (New Zealand), Thing

(3) Microcosms of Future Worlds. New social movements,
the ethics of zero work, free software as the
withering away of labor based on exchange value?
Contributors: Kadian Antal (Romania), Alex Galloway
(US), Stefan Merten, Oekonux (Germany), Kenta Ohji,
New Associationist Movement (Japan), LETS (Canada),
Makrolab (Slovenia), Sciatto (Italy), Snafu (Italy),
Trabajo Zero (Spain).

SUBSOL has changed its coordinates and collaborations
as it moved from Bucharest, to Budapest, to Zagreb. It
is a temporary medium, existing only for one year,
opening a meeting space for those whose ideas and work
may be very close, but who might otherwise remain
ignorant about each other. Others can continue the
project, under another name. The manifest destiny of
any group is its disappearance.  And the best
propagation of an idea is achieved through its
perpetual self-destruction.

Comments, Inquiries, Contributions:

Deadline: November 26
Relative maximum length: 10000 characters (~1500

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