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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] rhein.tanzmedia.web - Call for Proposals

Dear friends and colleagues,
and all artists and organisations in the fields of media art, dance and

please, distribute the following information about the net/dance
competition rhein.tanzmedia.web to all interested parties




an international competition for net/dance/performance
presented by the network

rhein.tanzmedia.web invites international media and dance performance
artists with ideas and concepts
for net dance performance to develop new models of artistic expression
that are based on the particular
communication and design possibilities the internet offers.

The selection will be made by a jury composed of international experts
in the field who will award two
prizes, which are comprised of the production and the presentation of
the project.

DEADLINE for applications is December 3, 2001

The application is enclosed as text, it can be downloaded in a
pdf-format from our web site or directly
asked for at tanz performance k–ln:

tanz performance k–ln
Melchiorstr. 3
D-50670 K–ln
tel  ++49-221-722133
fax ++49-221-7392030


Please check also on the above web site the information on INVERSION - a
media/dance/installation by the renowened American media artist BILL
SEAMAN and the Dutch choreographer REGINA VAN BERKEL.
Next Performances:
November 21-24, 2001 Holland Dance Festival, The Hague,
April 11-14, 2002, Steps #8 Intenational Dance Festival,



An international competition for net/dance/performance


… ORGANIZER - a network for international media art and
performance was initiated by tanz performance k–ln, the tanzhaus nrw,
the Festivalb¸ro der Stadt Duisburg and the ANIMAX Multimediatheater
Bonn.The network produces and presents productions that move on the
border between the fine arts and the performing arts. In the combination
of art, technology and science presents an
experimental platform, both live and on the internet.


The international competition rhein.tanzmedia.web offers an opportunity
for international media and dance performance artists with original
ideas related to the internet to realize and present them and encourages
new artistic approaches which present themselves through the synthesis
of real/tangible and virtual presentation. The projects can range from
interactive art works whose outcome depends on the recipientës
participation, open networked processes, as well as telematic
performances or installations, to Ñlive-streamingì events. The field
left open to experiments of all and any kind as long as the artists are
working with the internet or similar online communication systems. The
selection will be made by a jury composed of international experts in
the field who will award two prizes, which are comprised of the
production and the presentation of the project.


A growing number of artists in the dance and performance scene have
shown that there is a strong interest for work incorporating computer
and media-art. In numerous workshops, organized by media and art
organizations performers, media artists and computer specialists have
been investigating performance situations which connect the physical
world with the virtual and have begun to explore the possibilities that
the net offers. Questions of authorship, body representation and the
level of interaction between the work and the recipient dominate the
productions of many of the recent dance productions and touch upon the
central question of artistic identity. These developments have presented
the artist with a list of artistic challenges.

Can a list of data serve as a stage, and how can this be conveyed to an
audience? Can the techniques of theatre be applied to a virtual space,
and what does this offer the internet in return? What is left over in
dance when the physical world has been taken away? Do virtual dancers
have a physical memory? How can dance be rethought within the confines
of the internet? Where is the human body left in the era of gene- and
nano-technological developments and the merging of the human body with

With its international call for proposals rhein.tanzmedia.web pushes
this discussion forward and creates a link between research and artistic
production. At the same time the competition is a means of taking stock
of the artists who work in this field. There is still a tremendous
shortage of production facilities which can fulfill the artistsë needs
in terms of money, space and technology which are necessary for these
kind of projects. The rheintanzmedia.web has every intention of
improving this situation.


Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)
Scott DeLahunta (Dartington College of the Arts,UK)
Gerfried Stocker (ars electronica)
Prof. Peter Weibel (ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)
to be named


RHEIN.TANZMEDIA.NET PRIZE: For production and presentation of the
F÷RDERPREIS DER RHEIN LAND AG: Production of the project, or a purse of
5000,- EUR
The decision to award production or money is in the hands of the and will be met according to the overall costs of
the project.


1. The competition is open on an international basis, and is targeted
towards choreographers, performance and media artists.

2. All projects which will be considered must have a clear and definite
relationship to the internet. The projects must be new, and not yet
realized or presented to the public.

3. The applications should take the form of a concept/project and should
include all of the following information:
- Synopsis (one page)
- Documentation and information regarding the various participants and
previous works
- Planned schedule of the production and presentation
- Technique plan
- Budget, including means of finance

All applications must be in either English or German.

4. By submitting this application, the artist is taking responsibility
for copyrights of any and all of the material he/she makes use of in the
production, that the rights to all material used in the production are
in the possession of the artist, and that he/she intends to produce a
piece which is based on this application.

5. DEADLINE is December 3, 2001 (Registered postmark)


tanz performance k–ln, Melchiorstr. 3, D-50670 K–ln
tel ++49-(0)221-722133 fax: ++49-(0)221-7392030


The juryës decision will be made public approximately 2 months after the
application deadline. The projects which produces
will be presented under proper conditions by the association during the
period between June and December of 2002.

6. The costs for applying are the responsibility of the applicant. The
association ( is not responsible for any costs
regarding import, or customs. Applications which are coming from outside
of the EC should include a clear and visible list of the contents and
the words ÑNot for trade - temporary loan for art project. Value =

Applications will be returned only when the following conditions have
been met:
- In Germany, the application includes a self addressed and stamped
- Outside of Germany: a ten dollar note, or 20 mark note (no checks)

7. Application material/work is not insured. Damage caused by the will be reimbursed only on the basis of the material

Further information:

________________________________________________________ is a project of the rhein land ag, a cultural
alliance formed by the cities Cologne, D¸sseldorf, Duisburg, Bonn and
the Landschaftsverband Rheinland and has been made possible by the
support of the Ministry of Culture of North Rhine-Westphalia. The
competition is supported by Culture 2000.

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