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Hallerschlossstrasse 21
A-8010 Graz
tel. +43-316-356 155
fax +43-316-356 156

Founded in 1992, [art.image] concentrates on various key issues in order to explore the complex relations of, and between, architecture, urbanity, art, and moving images. In these broadly defined, yet specifically formulated and designed contexts, the projects of [art.image] are intended as fora - or “Dialogue Spaces“ - for both the artistic and theoretic thematisation of material and immaterial spaces within the framework of general developments in culture, thereby constituting a contribution to contemporal theories on architecture, media and culture.

From this starting-point result a number of interrelated fields of activity, crossing the contexts of architecture, urbanity, art, and moving images:

- Visual reflections of architectural and urban structures are interpreted as forms of “urban practices“, which are then placed in relation to current urbanistic models. From this perspective, city spaces and image spaces appear structurally related to each other, new “aesthetics of behaviour“ and new kinds of social formations manifest themselves as subjects of analyses and hypotheses.
-These discourses on spaces are crossed over with current artistic strategies and processes in order to introduce another perspective of reflecting the relations between spaces, images and spectators. What this is about is the exceeding of art-inherent concepts and the thematisation of art's experimental potential as concepts of social, communicative, i.e. collective formings and formations.

At the centre of the activities organised by [art.image] is the graz biennial on media and architecture (established in 1993) as an exemplary forum for the discussion of architecture and moving images. An essential focus of the biennial festival is the International Competition, awarding prizes that amount to a total of ATS 250,000.-- art.image presents key programmes of the biennial festival in Europe, the USA and Canada and curates topic-specific contributions in cooperation with international museums, architectural institutes and festivals.

Publications are produced in connection with the projects that are carried out, documenting not only the specific programmes but also offering a platform for internationally renowned artists and theorists to thematise and develop specific key issues.

[art.image] is a founding member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals (Brussels) and represents Austria in the board of directors. [art.image] is a founding member of the European Digital Media Network and the European Media Art Channel