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[Nettime-ro] [ceescholarships] Funding for US/ CEE/NIS Arts Programs and Exchanges

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Applicatoins have to come through a US NGO, Institition

What We Fund

Fields of Interest

Approximately two-thirds of TMU's grants are awarded for exchanges in the
visual and performing arts and one-third in environmental conservation and
protection. Most are allocated specifically to help cover international
travel, per diem, and related expenses of Russian, Eastern and Central
European, and American participants in projects that involve the exchange of
professionals and specialists in those fields.

Among the types of activities supported by TMU common to both cultural and
environmental exchanges are advanced training programs, workshops,
conferences, seminars, joint research projects, and exchanges intended to
aid organizations in the region seeking to achieve greater institutional
stability. In addition, the Trust assists the following:


Creative artistic collaborations, curatorial research projects, performances
given in conjunction with lecture/demonstrations, and/or workshops,
conservation and historic preservation projects, arts management programs,
and cultural documentation activities.


Ecosystem and habitat conservation programs, land use planning projects,
activities that facilitate more effective international contact between
environmental organizations, measures designed to preserve biodiversity, and
efforts to encourage environmental sustainability.


Although the Trust supports institutional activities that foster the
exchange of individuals as participants in projects, it does not award
grants to individuals, nor, as a general rule, to organizations for
activities in which only a single participant is involved.

TMU does not support one-person exhibitions of work by living artists, solo
performance tours, or fellowships for individual research or academic study,
or provide retroactive funding for project expenses already incurred. The
Trust does not usually make multiyear commitments or, except in special
circumstances, support inter-regional exchanges or travel by project
participants in their home countries.

TMU does not fund institutional operating expenses; capital campaigns;
construction costs; salaries, honoraria, or fees; youth, undergraduate, or
graduate student exchanges; literature or publication projects; library
acquisitions or equipment purchases; film production, media training, or
mass communications programs; activities pertaining primarily to nuclear
weapons or arms control; or projects concentrating on economic development,
medicine, public health, or agriculture.

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