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nettime-nl: press now evening in de balie (february 10, 20.30)

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PRESS NOW /p.a. De Balie / Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 / 
1017 RR Amsterdam / The Netherlands / 
Tel +31.20.5535165 / 5535151 / Fax +31.20.5535155 /
Internet / 
E-mail / Postbank 7676

Round table discussion, February 10th, 1999  - 20.30 hrs, Salon, De
Balie , Amsterdam 


The end of the Cold War affected tremendously the lives of people of the
Balkans and the rest of Eastern Europe. Escaping war and chaos or simply
in search of a better life, hundreds of thousands of Albanians and
ex-Yugoslavs have left their countries, trying to settle in the West. By
doing so, they have often mixed up the categories of refugees, asylum
seekers, and economic migrants, and have affected the perceptions of
communities in Western Europe. One can even argue that political processes
and social realities of the Western hosts have been often constructed in
juxtaposition with the Balkans and its exodus. 

Against this backdrop, and aware of the complexity of the issue, it is of
relevance to consider the role that media play in representation.  More
than a search for culprits in the realm of media and 'purification' of
consciousness, this programme will provide an analysis of the relationship
between media and policy-making at various levels, testing the terminology
used, and considering what is and what will be on the future
socio-political agendas of Europe.


Jo van der Spek, Journalist editor of ICON Radio /De Andere Wereld,

Nicole Janigro, Journalist who has extensively covered Yugoslav crisis and
the refugees problems in Italy; author of "L'esplosione delle nazioni. Il
caso jugoslavo", (Milan, 1993) 

Friedrich C. Burschel, Journalist/researcher with "Forsschungsgesellschaft
Flucht und Migration" in Berlin; 

Ardian Vehbiu, Media analyst from Albania/USA, co-author of "La scoperta
dell' Albania" (Milan, 1996); 

Chairperson:  Jan P. Nederveen Pieterse, Associate Professor in Sociology,
Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

Working language: English

For further information you can contact Albana Shala (project officer)
at: 020 5535165/4233385 

Programma ref. no: 5535100 Vanaf een maand van te voren. Reserveren:
020 - 5535100. Ma t/m do van 14.00 - 20.00 uur, vr van 14.00 - 22.30
uur en za van 17.00 - 22.30 uur. Openingstijden kassa: ma t/m do van
17.00 - 20.30 uur, vr en za van 17.00 - 23.00 uur. Bij aanvangstijden 
die hier buiten vallen vanaf 1  uur voor aanvang. Reserveringen
vervallen een half uur voor aanvang.Toegangsprijs:  12,50 ( 10,-
CJP/ Pas65/ Stadspas/Studenten).

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