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nettime-nl: February First = Pod Premiere

                        p r o t e i n T V
                      [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] 

   At 3pm [GMT] today, February First, we will launch our 
   premiere POD, with a sizzling selection of the purest 
   peripheral pixels known to man.

   If you were lucky enough to attend Midem in Cannes last
   week, you would have seen an exclusive insight into
   this afternoons programme, but if your boss didn't let
   you go, be sure to log-on today to see what you missed.

   You will also be able to view our new Electronic Programme
   Guide [EPG], which provides a full breakdown of the complete
   POD schedule together with title, author, programme notes 
   and duration.

   It all starts at 3pm [GMT] today, so RealPlayer at the ready ...

   Please note: All future monthly POD premieres will only 
   be publicised using this mailing list, so if you haven't already,
   make sure you get yourself your very own ProteinTV 
   licence to keep up-to-date with all our news and events.
   To see if you have already got a licence or apply for a new 
   one, simply click the "tick" icon on the bottom navigation of 
   the web site.


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