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[Nettime-nl] maandagavond memeavond

Maandag 1 juli van 18:00-20:00 in het Amsterdamse universiteitstheater (Nieuwe Doelenstraat:

Lecture by Rose Rowson <> – A Gemini Would Say That: Modern Astrology and Digital Culture

Emerging two thousand years B.C.E. and having been practiced, celebrated, and critiqued across cultures worldwide, in 2019 astrology is a lucrative part of the $2.2billion mystical and psychic services market. How did we get here? Working from the introduction of Western newspaper astrology in the 1930s to the recent explosion of astrological content on digital platforms, this lecture brings into focus the tensions between star-gazing and massively networked data processing as epistemologies of identification and prediction.

Keynote by Erik Davis <> – Robert Anton Wilson and the Discordian Origins of Meme Magick

Based on research into the Discordian Society, the author Robert Anton Wilson, and the Illuminatus! trilogy, this talk will illuminate the anarcho-libertarian currents of the American counterculture. Despite very different intentions, these “anti-displinary politics” and prankster games with conspiracies, occult ideas, and weird fictions  eventually seeded the digital ground for today’s meme magick battles.

Panel discussion (with Marc Tuters, Daniël de Zeeuw)

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