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[Nettime-nl] The Real Relationship between Behavioral Advertising and Publishing (9 okt.)


INVITATION: Lecture “The Real Relationship between Behavioral Advertising and Publishing', Jason Kint (US), October 9, 15.30-17.00, REC A5.24. Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam
Monday, October 9, 15.30-17.00 hours
followed by drinks
“The Real Relationship between Behavioral Advertising and Publishing”
We cordially invite you to this lecture in the RPA Personalised Communication Lecture Series, which is being given by Jason Kint, who is head of publisher trade group Digital Content Next.
There are significant changes underway in the EU, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the e-Privacy Regulation, which experts believe will have global impact on the relationship between consumers, their data and the digital media ecosystem.  Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next (DCN), will speak to the state of digital media, the underlying issues which are challenging the framework and economics that underpin the trust of Internet media by both consumers and advertisers. He’ll address the state of digital advertising including the value-exchange of contextual and importantly behaviorally targeted advertising. He’ll also address how the upcoming changes in the EU will likely impact the advertising technology landscape, major platforms and high-quality news and entertainment publishers.
Digital Content Next (DCN) is the only trade organization dedicated to serving the unique and diverse needs of high-quality digital content companies that manage trusted, direct relationships with consumers and marketers.  Its members include The New York Times, Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, NBCUniversal and more than 75 other members.

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