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[Nettime-nl] peer value conferentie in Amsterdams stadhuis (2-3.9) <>

Amsterdam, 2-3 september 2016

Peer Value: Advancing the Commons Collaborative Economy is a conference integrating conversations and plans of action for shaping and connecting the Commons on a global level.

The conference is organized along three tracks:
Track 1: P2P: Inclusive Politics, Activism and Law for the Commons
Track 2: Decentralized Tech and Beyond:Global Design,Local Production
Track 3: From Platform to Open Cooperativism
We will explore questions such as:
What are the conditions that encourage communities to work as peers, creating commons?
What are the best practices communities can adopt to safeguard their resilience?
Decentralization - why is it important, and how is it implemented and maintained?
How can the working methodologies honed by well-established digital communities act as transitional guidelines for sustainable “material” manufacturing?
What about social innovation and livelihoods - how does contributory and open accounting work with the systems of value creation found in CBPP?
How can civil society participate in recommending policy proposals that support CBPP for governments at the local, regional, national - even global - levels?

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