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[Nettime-nl] Kosmoikos: The Search for Location in a Networked Age

Dear nettimers:
Those of you based in and around Amsterdam may be interested in attending
this event on 28 October.
Hope to see you there.
Best wishes
Michelle Kasprzak
On Wednesday 28 October, at 13:00 sharp, Marc Tuters will publicly defend
his PhD thesis:

Kosmoikos: The Search for Location in a Networked Age

in the Aula der Universiteit, University of Amsterdam (address: Singel 411,
1012 WN, Amsterdam), to which you are hereby cordially invited.

From fantasies of architectural utopias in the 1960s, to contemporary
interface technologies that fetishize the idea of âthe local,â this
dissertation considers a variety of spatial practices as attempts to
address the philosophical question of where we areâand in relation to which
scale. Departing from media studies discourse concerning the
dematerializing effects of technological networks on architectonic space,
it considers how historical innovations in economic techniques of
governance can be understood as having contributed to the emergence of a
networked concept of space as well as to a fundamental transformation in
relationship to the concept of âthe outsideâ. Contemporary âlocativeâ
technologies (e.g. Google Glass) are considered as instances of a gnostic
type of epistemology concerned with imagining the subjectâs position in
relation to a global totalityâas exemplified by Fredric Jamesonâs call to
develop a âcognitive mappingâ aesthetic as a remedy to his famed diagnosis
of late capitalist spatial disorientation. An alternative approach,
associated with Bruno Latour is considered as rejecting aspects of this
tradition of thought on methodological grounds, rethinking the global in
terms of the cumulative effect of a multiplicity of local aesthetic
interventions. Juxtaposed against the 1970s environmentalism of âthink
globally, act locally,â the dissertation finally concludes with a
discussion of anthropogenic climate change as the ultimate aesthetic
problem concerning the representation of location in a networked age.

Michelle Kasprzak
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