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[Nettime-nl] Bezetting Spinhuis (UvA Amsterdam)

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Context (sorry, Engels):

From: Tzaninis, Yannis
Sent: maandag 3 november 2014 15:19
To: Tzaninis, Yannis
Subject: spinhuis student occupation

Dear Colleagues,

You may have heard that, since the AISSR moved to the new building, the
common room at the Spinhuis has been occupied by students. During the few
weeks since then, our UvA management (mainly Dean Dymph van der Boom) have
transformed their attitude on this issue from 'maintaining a dialogue' to
legal prosecution. I think the following is critical to understand certain
things going on at the university.

First, the students called upon the university-board to present a plan for
the common room. The board, after delaying, presented a vague plan which
failed to show how the students' presence was hindering it. Those first
days the board was very vocal about the importance of keeping a dialogue
going and, wearing their liberal-leftist hat, they were saying that they
would never go after their own students. But when they realized that the
students are staying, demanding an autonomous student space, they started
threatening individual students who had just used their names on a
document. The hypocrisy of the UvA management culminated in an actual
court case on 24/10 and the possible eviction verdict coming this Friday
(7/10). Plus, they sent 127-page subpoenas
to six UvA students, where they also mention the place is intended as an

I find the board's attitude very disturbing, although I am not so
surprised considering the neoliberal turn the university has taken the
past few years. I hope you can sense how hypocritical the UvA management
has become and how this incident reveals the corporatist transformation of
the institution. Add to that of course all the quantification of our work
and strive for 'competitiveness', nothing more than bringing money in.

The students will soon ask for UvA affiliates to sign a supporting document.

This Thursday 6/11 they are gathering at 20:00 at the spinhuis for a
discussion. Speakers: Rodrigo Fernandez (KU Leuven), Boris Slijper (VU).<>

You can also sign their petition for support here:

An article in Dutch about this:

There is more material if you want, just email me.
Sincerely, Yannis
PS please circulate freely and widely
Sociology and Anthropology Department
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam

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