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[Nettime-nl] DRONES AT DEAF2014: Call for presentations and demonstrations 23 May

DRONES AT DEAF2014: Call for presentations and demonstrations on Friday 23
May 2014 from 2-4.30 pm

As drones proliferate, how will the concept of public space change? We are
looking for artists, designers and practitioners working in the field of
drones and spatial issues to present and demonstrate their work at DEAF
2014. On 23 May 2014, DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) dedicates a full
day to the subject of drones.

The programme kicks off in the morning at Het Nieuwe Instituut with the
seminar 'Drones & Honeycombs,' curated by Malkit Shoshan, an Israeli
architect based in the Netherlands. She is currently developing her PhD
dissertation at TU Delft and a long-term research project named 'Drones and
Honeycombs' with Het Nieuwe Instituut, which focuses on the architecture
and landscape of war and of international relations.

In the afternoon the stage is open to professionals who wish to share their
drone related work with DEAF visitors.

If you would like to present or demonstrate your project indoors or
outdoors at DEAF 2014 please forward your proposal (max 1 A4, max 2
visuals) to deaf@hetnieuweinstituut.nl

The deadline for proposals is 21 April 2014.

Emma O'Hare
Researcher / Editor
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