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[Nettime-nl] 3D Printing: Destiny, doom or dream? - Leiden University - 14/15 Nov 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS  <<3D printing: destiny, doom or dream?>>

A two-day international, multi-disciplinary conference organized by eLaw, the Centre for Law in the Information Society.

Where? Leiden University, Leiden Law School, The Netherlands
When? 14/15 November 2013

The emerging technology of three-dimensional (3D) printing has been heralded by many as the beginning of a third industrial revolution. By providing solutions to pressing problems ranging from organ shortages to reducing our environmental footprint through less waste, less transport costs, to more innovation, creativity and personalization, some argue that 3D printing is a heavenly destiny indeed. At the same time, however, there are also critical voices to be heard. 3D printing raises serious social, ethical, regulatory, legal and economic questions. Charting what these issues are, proposing ways of addressing them, and evaluating the potential and the reality of 3D printing is what <<3D printing: destiny, doom or dream?>> is all about.

Focus of the conference
This international conference is organised by eLaw, the Centre for Law in the Information Society, which is part of Leiden University’s Law School in the Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for experts in law, political science and policy studies, economics, business science, philosophy and science and technology studies to present papers concerning a wide range of issues surrounding 3D printing technology.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
- The socio-economic impact of 3D printing
- Regulation and policy change in light of the development of 3D printing
- Intellectual property, patents and p2p file-sharing
- Other areas of law (e.g. tax law, product liability)
- Innovation and creativity
- Specific applications and products, and the special issues/solutions they may generate (e.g. guns, food, organs, prosthetics, etc.) - 3D printing technology (e.g. development and history of , new frontiers, new areas of application etc.)
- Valuing (the future of) 3D printing (hype, hope or horror?)

For a detailed description of these topics, see the conference website:

Paper submissions
Papers discussing one of the topics above can be submitted using the conference submission system at .
The procedure is as follows:
- Authors must first submit an abstract of max 500 words in a Word or pdf file. - Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee and if accepted, authors will be invited to submit a full paper of 15-20 pages (including all additional materials, i.e. tables, graphs, figures, references etc.). - Full papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee, after which authors will be asked to implement comments and feedback. - A selection of the final versions of the full papers will be published in the conference book, which will be handed out at the conference. - Authors of full papers will be given a time-slot in the conference programme to present their work.

Please observe the time-path for submitting a paper below – submissions after the deadline(s) will not be accepted!

A best paper award will be handed out during the conference.

Important dates
- 28 February 2013		Call for papers is sent out
- 31 March 2013			Submission deadline for abstracts
- 30 April 2013 Authors will be informed on abstract acceptance or rejection
- 15 July 2013			Submission deadline for first version of full papers
- 15 September 2013 Authors receive comments & feedback on first version of full papers - 15 October 2013 Submission deadline for of final version of full papers - 14/15 November 2013 Two-day conference at Leiden University’s Law School

Conference organisers
Prof.dr. Simone van der Hof
Dr. Bibi van den Berg
Carl Mair, LLM
Annemiek Varkevisser
Tess Priester

More information? See the conference website:

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