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[Nettime-nl] Reinventing Creative Industries Research March 1st Amsterdam, de Zwijger

In November 2011, Jan Simons (UvA, Mediastudies) and Sebastian Olma ( Serendipity Lab) were asked to design a creative industries research program for the UvA’s Faculty of the Humanities. Within a few months, they built a pop-up research institute under the name of CIRCA: Creative Industries Research Centre Amsterdam. CIRCA kicked off 6 different projects with great partners as different as Frog Design, Urban Resort, Appsterdam, Flight 1337, Submarine, Mediamatic, Virtueel Platform and AIM. In the process, CIRCA also invented ‘embedded research‘, an innovative method that has become research standard for NWO.

This event is your chance to experience presentations by some of the brightest and most innovative researchers the UvA has to offer. CIRCA’s partners will share the experience of having an embedded researcher in their organization. Caroline Gehrels (Creative Industries, City of Amsterdam) will reflect on the role of CIRCA for Amsterdam’s creative industries policy. And Frank van Free (Dean Humanities UvA) will tell you how all this innovative research relates to the time-honoured humanities. Finally, there will be a podium discussion with our partners and special guest Victor van der Chijs (Head Top Team Creative Industries).      

For program etc. please check:

Lookig forward to see you on March 1st!


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