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[Nettime-nl] rechter staat ontruiming van kamp in osdorp toe

Press release for international distribution, by M2M

We Are Here, for our Right to Be

Judge gives go ahead to Amsterdam mayor. Eviction of protest camp in Amsterdam expected this Friday November 30, 2012

Press Conference in the Camp today at 5 pm

Notweg 32, 1068 LL Amsterdam

This morning at 9 a.m. the judge decided that the camp of refugees may be evicted, if necessary by force. The Mayor of Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands, has ordered the eviction of the protest camp of refugees in the western suburb of Amsterdam called Osdorp. The approximately 100 refugees demonstrating in the camp are determined to stay where they are and face the police force and subsequent detention. They call on all people to witness this show down and show support in a manifestation in front of the camp and on the streets of Amsterdam. This event starts Thursday 29th of November at 2 p.m.. The eviction can be expected the morning after. We call for witnesses, observers and comapssionate citizens to join and demand the right to live for all who are here. We intend to turn this crack down into a Theatre of Hope.

Wij Zijn Hier at

Jo van der Spek
Stichting M2M. Migrant to Migrant
Van Ostadestraat 49
1073 SN Amsterdam
Tel. +31.651069318 (KPN) or 0686263381 (Lyca)

Bank # St. M2M, Amsterdam

no borders between us

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