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Amsterdam, Leuven November 16 2012
the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends
Dirk Vekemans
'State of exception' started out as a creative 'digestion' of my ongoing reading of Giorgio Agamben's Homo sacer series of books. Like all my works it is a running process, searching for collaboration where ever possible. Personally i call it neo-cathedralic Creative R&D, referring to my 2004 re-installment of Kurt Schwitters' Kathedrale des erotischen Elends, a merzbau that in its current form takes both the virtual but very real network environment and the 'real' but often very fictional world as its natural, integrated habitat (cfr. the section about the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends' ).

Agamben's Homo sacer series starts out[1] with a meticulous analysis of the State of Exception (other terms: 'state of emergency', 'martial law', '(under) siege'). Within each juridical system, he explains, there exists susch a provision whereby the sovereign power(s), in order to protect the future of the system itself are able to temporarily or spatially limited suspend the validity of the system itself and then proclaim the 'illegal' measures deemed necessary for the salvation of law and order. There is (was) no civil state without a state of exception build within it.


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Amsterdam, Octobre 28 2012
Found in the Computorah
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B I L D V E R B O T, from "Computorah"
These pictures were found in a book, "Computorah, on hidden codes in the Torah, Dr. Moshe Katz, Jerusalem 1996". I do not know who deliberately hided the faces from view, perhaps the person who gave it to me.

Nevertheless it is a nice example of how the phenomenon of Bildverbot is still practised among members of orthodox circles

Amsterdam/Athens, Octobre 8 2012
Julia Mandle's The Fabrication of Blindness
Tori Sparks filmed Julia Mandle's Installation The Fabrication of Blindness. 385 hoods, one for each detainee at Quantanamo bay
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Amsterdam/Albuquerque, Octobre 8 2012
ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness in Review
by Nettrice Gaskins
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