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[Nettime-nl] "Made In China" - "Consumed All Over The World" and the meaning of the Ningbo/åæ port town protests against air pollution...


A special tableau to honour the protesters in a North East China town (over 7 million inhabitants) that demand better living and production circumstances, at the eve of the 18th Conference of the Chinese Communist Party and the needed change'

The full picture with detailed contextual documentation can be found at my Flickr page on this URL:

My tableau for the upcoming 18th. National Congress of the Communist Party of China (äååäåçååæååäèåä) beginning November 8th. 2012 in Beijing.

Last weeks there have been protests in the North Eastern Chinese city of Ningbo against one more polluting industrial expansion in their town, already infamous for its air pollution.

This is symptomatic for the state of affairs in China and the world. Yes THE WORLD as - if we want it or not - we are daily consuming Made In China products that are produced under often appalling conditions in what is called 'The Peoples Republic of China'. I am not saying this to induce any kind of guilt with us non-Chinese consumers, but we need to face better the consequences of global interrelated economies.

This tableau is to honour the struggle of 'the people' that fight for better working and living conditions and expresses also hope that - even at the top level of the Communist Party of China - it will be recognised that social and environmental conditions must be taken in account much more. Revolting populations need support instead of being suppressed. The level of personal enrichment and corruption practiced now in China are counterproductive. Criminal gained personal fortunes fleeing the country often with the economic criminals following later. Wealth produced by labour that is sold too cheap, lost also to the Chinese economy as a whole.

Below the text of the newspaper article on the Ningbo protest, that inspired this tableau. The photograph of the happy stage performance, with the party communist flag, appeared a few days ago in the Neue ZÃrcher Zeitung as an illustration for a news item on the upcoming 18th Party Conference in China. It shows one of those party top gala performances, idealising the accomplishments of the People's Republic of China.

NB The text and signs on the masks worn by the demonstrators refer to "PX No Way" in reference to the chemical paraxylene (used for the making polyester plastics; p-Xylene is produced by catalytic reforming of petroleum naphtha as part of the BTX aromatics; It is harmful to people's health. It can be breathed in, ingested and absorbed through skin. It has a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract and eyes, while high concentrations have a narcotic effect on the central nervous system.)


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