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[Nettime-nl] Bits of Freedom is looking for Support!

'The #copyright war was the 0.9 beta version of that what will come'
- Doctorow at 28c3 -

Bits of Freedom needs your support in this 'war' to come. Please consider to donate to them. The fight for Internet freedom this year will be more relevant than ever...

As a user of the web you have the right to freely share information with others, without you worrying that your private information is  intercepted or falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately,  those online rights are not as obvious as many people think. The coming years the fight for Internet freedom will be more relevant than ever. The government has plans for a Internet taps and filters for websites. Companies are happily selling your personal information without your knowledge or your control. Bits of Freedom will fight for the online rights of all Internet users. But we cannot do this alone!

We call on all of the Dutch today to fight for Internet freedom to support and become a contributor of Bits of Freedom.
And I would like to ask you to help us. How? Firstly by contributing yourself of course. See  to see how you can help. But you can also help us by spreading our  call. Place our banner on your site, put our poster on Facebook. You  could blog, tweet, mail, or do anything you can do to raise awareness  for Internet freedom.
Thanks for your attention and in advance for your help!
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