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artist in residence
New Artist in residence projects Mobile Media Art
Vivo ARTE.MOV and NIMk are pleased to announce the results of the call for the two months artistic residency programme using a mobile platform. The initiative is pioneering in using specially designed street vehicles equipped with features of digital media developed in the cities of Amsterdam and SÃo Paulo. The criteria for the final selection took into account not only the conceptual quality of the projects, but also how the proposals responded to the goal of mediation with local communities on a mobile platform, as well as their unfolding prospects beyond the period of the residency.
The selected projects for the residence in 2012 are: "Project Jandig" by Angelo Moscozo (aka VJ Pixel) and "The City Talks" by Sander Veenhof.
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artist in residence
City Velocities - Body Speeds
Mixed media installation by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
NIMk, Sonic Acts and STEIM are proud to announce the new joint Artist in Residence project City Velocities â Body Speed by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec. The installation will be presented as part of the Sonic Acts â Travelling Time exhibition at NIMk from Februari 23 â April 15, 2012.
City Velocities - Body Speeds is a project focusing on tactile experience of travel speed in urban environment. In the time of digital mediation and visualization of all real and physical, the project insists on the conviction to offer a first person physical experience of an omnipresent but invisible phenomena of speed. Resisting to offer an interpretation, it rather embodies the phenomena - creating the experience and thus confronting the visitor with its existence. The project is supported by the Mondriaan Fund
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Sonic Acts XIV â Travelling Time is a four-day festival of concerts, performances, lectures, presentations and exhibitions taking place at and with Paradiso, de Balie, Muziekgebouw aan ât IJ, NIMk, SMART Project Space, STEIM, Temporary Stedelijk 3 and public space in Amsterdam from 23-26 February 2012. The exhibition at NIMk presents installations and films that explore time, by Julien Maire, Juliana Borinski, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Philipp Lachenmann, Joe Gilmore, and others.

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