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[Nettime-nl] Arduino Intermediate Workshop: Saturday January 21: Improve your skills

Dear readers of this mail,

This hands-on workshop is meant for intermediate Arduino users. Do you know the basics of Arduino, and have some programming experience? We'll start with an introduction of some more advanced topics and projects, and move on to the hardware aspects of the Arduino. Then it will be time to try your hand at the programming assignments developed by our instructor, Ubi de Feo. Secure a ticket on our website.

Required knowledge
You need to know your basic electronics, and some programming and prototyping. Visit our website for a more extensive list of required knowledge. Read it carefully, we don't want to slow down the group. If you think you might not be ready, join one of our Basic Workshops.

What to bring?
Bring your own laptop. Please visit and download / update your Arduino software at home. You'll also need to buy the Arduino kit in advance. For more information about where to order the kit please visit our website. Without the Arduino (kit) and / or parts you can't participate!

Information and registration
Click here to visit the workshop event page. Workshop costs: â 75 incl. VAT. This does not include the Arduino kit. The workshop takes place from 10.00 - 17.00. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies. Lunch is D.I.Y.. âIf you have questions please contact Deborah Meibergen or call her at +31 20 638 9901.

Deborah Meibergen
Workshop Producer

[T] +31 (0) 20 638 9901

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